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The volunteers, who stood up for the defense of the Motherland, were willing to pay their lives for Her in an open battle with the enemy, but not in the fight against public officials, who make up a large part of the Russia's 'fifth column' in Ukraine. The latter deliberately abandoned the imposition of martial law in the combat zone, in order to be able to accuse any volunteer or military of crimes for which the penalty is mete out according to the peace-time laws.
If a soldier during the battle in order to escape from the fire of the enemy, used someone's apartment, a house or a barn as a shelter, he can easily be accused of penetrating the civilians' housing with weapons and convicted to the fullest extent of the law. And for the murder of an armed separatist, who takes part in the fighting against the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), one can easily be sentenced to life imprisonment. Scilicet this is an essence of hybridism of the present war with Russia, which opened a 'second front' in the rear of the volunteer battalions and the AFU's units.
When separatists seized Lisichansk, they first gathered all the personnel of the town police department and demanded them to swear allegiance to the new government. Only very few policemen did not come that day to the muster and were declared the 'enemies of the people.' Among them there was the 'Aydar's' future volunteer with the call sign 'Rex'. The separatists took the trouble to send for him to Severodonetsk a group of fighters in order to arrest him. But that did not work, as the police officer managed to escape by going into hiding. Among those, who took the oath of allegiance to the separatists, there also was the investigator, who now conducts investigative actions on the case fabricated against 'Rex' (
To have an idea about who is now engaged in the name of the Ukrainian authorities in the law enforcement guidance in the front zone, it will be suffice to look through closely enough the payroll of the Lugansk region 'reformed' departments of the Interior Ministry, the prosecutor's office and the courts. Almost 90% of the staff is composed of those who managed to serve the separatists during the occupation, and before that had sworn allegiance to the regime of Yanukovich.
The current Governor of the Lugansk region laments over the low activity of the population that does not hurry to support the process of the local authorities' reform. This is not surprising, because people see the real results of the recent 'lustration' of their personnel held by his predecessor. All supporters of separatism, who have been subjected to 'cleansing', at present successfully continue their activities on the same positions at the power system.
Misjudged are those, who believe that separatism could manifest itself only in the east of Ukraine. In fact, its 'metastases' are visible throughout the country. This is the result of joint activity of the Ukrainian authorities and the Russian security services, on which payroll the current powers that be in Ukraine were and continue to be. Power in all the former Soviet republics has the same roots that go deep into the history of the former Soviet Union. A dog does not eat dog. The authorities have a wealth of experience in dealing with dissent 'by legal means,' which they now successfully use against the volunteers, organizing their mass imprisonment on trumped-up charges. So, the 'Rex's' case is no exception. Ukrainians blame the Russian court of Nadezhda Savchenko's biased treatment, the case against whom was built on the false testimony of the suborned 'witnesses', while modestly keep silence when it comes to the lawlessness of the servants of Themis in Ukraine.
  Hearings on the case of "Rex" are constantly postponed
for various ridiculous reasons. This may be the absence of representatives of the prosecution, lawyers, jury. There was a case, when the court hearing was postponed due to absence of the "witnesses", who live in the territory occupied by the Russian troops. Is this not a theater of the absurd?
Earlier, the judge who processed the case of 'Rex' was caught on a bribe, so the case was transferred to another judge. The latter suffered the same fate – he also, like his predecessor, has successfully 'got burned' on a bribe. In the court of Severodonetsk, there were no more judges wishing to take up the case of 'Rex,' and it was handed over to the Starobelsk court. Most likely, together with the case, the troubles for those, who fabricated the charges against 'Rex', also moved there. It is likely that the 'divine retribution' will fall not only on all those were involved in the falsification of the 'Rex's' case but also on those in Starobelsk, who have accepted the 'batoon'  from them.
This also applies to the experts, who in the absence of the victims' bodies were able to describe the circumstances of the their deaths, and even determine the motion trajectory of the bullets in the bodies. At the site of the alleged 'execution' there was found only one bullet, which the 'whistleblowers' apparently planted themselves. There are no weapons with which the 'crime' was committed, but there is a vehicle that allegedly belonged to the victims. The problem is that there are no index plates, by which it can be identified. Though, that's true, that experts found under the hood some kind of tablet that could easily migrate there from the similar car. It was just this tablet that was accepted as an evidence that the vehicle belonged to the victims. They say that when you cannot, but really want, you can.
Gentlemen, you have yet to meet with the 'Heaven's' Themis here on the Earth. It won't be a surprise for me, if after the issuance of an unjust conviction to 'Rex,' the judge, who would do it, together with the "pocket" jury will suffer severe and just punishment.
Fighter of the 'Aydar' Battalion with the call sign 'Rex', like many of his swom brothers, languishing in the dungeons of the remand centers in the front-line areas, consider their detention and forthcoming judicial punishment for fabricated cases to be another front of the "hybrid" war against the external enemy and its 'fifth column' inside the country.
Today, the struggle for their liberation from the prison walls is not only a matter of justice, but also an important part of the ongoing struggle for the liberation of the occupied territories of Ukraine from the enemy, and the dominance of the corrupt government in the country.
One does not have to wait for justice and mercy from cowardly government, but there is a tool that can confront its 'henchmen' with a choice: to fulfill the requirements of the authorities or die.
The volunteers and the AFU's fighters, who are languishing in the dungeons, as well as their relatives, the swom brothers can go to the front page of this journal ( and ask for help from the Creator, not only in the restoration of health but in the punishment of those, who deprived them of their freedom and continue to sow lawlessness. You all still have to liberate Ukraine from her internal and external enemies.
Glory to the heroes! God is with you!

P.S.  At the beginning of November 2016, volunteer and AFU's officer with the call sign 'Rex' (Brunko Roman) still remains in prison and is waiting for the next court session. Representatives of Themis believe that delaying the process of the trial, they will win time and not suffer from the wrath of the Creator, but it is not so. Stay in prison has undermined the health of the volunteer, as well as of many of his comrades, illegally detained for more than two years. Many of those, who detained, tortured and mocked 'Rex' and his swom brothers are no longer alive. And now there came the turn of the investigators, the operational officers and the prosecutors, who fabricated the case against him. Their fate will be determined by the decision of the judge and the jury, if they dare to bring a conviction. Everything happens at random, and only the guilty will know that that what happened to them is the price they paid for their deeds, if by that time they still are not deleted by the Creator from the list of the living.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov


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