Apr. 9th, 2017

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A man is not omnivorous, and therefore gives preference to useful and harmless products. Organs of sight and smell provide an opportunity to assess the degree of food’s suitability for consumption. This circumstance allows a person to avoid food poisoning and be healthy.
Something similar should be present when choosing "food for the mind", since there is a real threat of the emergence of problems with the psyche. As with the choice of food and evaluation of its suitability, we must exercise caution, and not try to "consume" everything without regard to the quality of the consumed product.
The first condition for a correct response to information is the choice of how to respond. There are two options: the first is the domination of the mind, and the second – the emotional reaction. The first option is correct.
By the way, when choosing food, we also use the mind to evaluate the totality of the characteristics of the food being examined, and it is scilicet it that gives the go-ahead or the ban on the consumption of the product. In the case of information, we must evaluate its source, the cause or motivation for appearance in a specific life situation, plus the degree of relevance and only then decide on the question of response to content.
It should be remembered that the human’s response mechanisms operate in real time and with maximum efficiency. At the same time, there occurs the consolidation of efforts and the attraction of all available resources of the body. That is why before launching them a preliminary assessment of the threat level is necessary in order to avoid false triggering and waste of an effort.
In the case of an emotional response, any possibility of evaluating information from the position of the mind disappears, which dramatizes the situation and excludes an adequate reaction to the content of information in the form of decisions. 
This is a situation from such a category: first we react, and only then we think. Such a form of reaction turns a person into a thoughtless and obedient implement of someone else's will.
It follows thence that for normal co-existence with oneown species within the community, for a human it is worth giving preference to the mind reaction, which will allow to avoid conflict situations and possible negative consequences for him/her.
Emergency doctors, firefighters and workers of live-saving service  are taught to respond similarly in crisis situations, because someone's life can depend on the correctness and timeliness of their decisions.
The mind was originally formed as an effective tool for human survival in an aggressive environment. In the struggle for survival, the question of the reliability of information was the main thing when making decisions, and therefore people preferred to receive information from as many sources as possible in order to exclude the very possibility of error.
Any information directly or indirectly influences the formation of a person's ideas about the world around him/her. That is why it is worth thinking about the quality and the reliability, as well as the usefulness of the information product for a person.
For example, we decide to view a film at the leisure, and preliminarily read the annotation of its content from available sources. Films can be documentary and artistic. The first claim to the reliability of the presentation of events, while the latter admit the existence of artistic fiction on the part of their authors. If you react with mind, then you have to watch a feature film, remembering that all events and heroes are fictitious, and therefore emotionally worrying about their fate is not worth it.
Our mind always appeals to the logic of the development of events and is not used to assess what really does not exist. It is this circumstance that explains the destructive impact on the human psyche of horror films abounding with absurd and illogical scenes that are rejected by the mind.
Not every information is needed and useful for our mind, and therefore, do not experiment with it, testing your mind for "durability." At best, we will get mental disorders, or even go nuts... :)

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov


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