Dec. 15th, 2016

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There is no room for equity in the people's world as long as there exists a phenomenon of the power. The power always stands above the Law, using it as a means of protecting its own interests. In the halls of power only crooks, thugs and thieves feel good, whereas honest and decent person cannot survive in it just as a lamb cannot survive in a wolf pack. That's why not a single person can pass the test of power. It either repulses a man or turns him into a criminal, and no third is given.
The power always follows a principle: 'All – to the friends, and law – to the enemies.' Over the long years of its existence, it has perfected the methods and the means of coping with the attempts to counter it by those against whom it implements its authority. The power is strong, when it comes to the people's world, but it is not able to control what is beyond the human capabilities.
The power as a phenomenon may occur in the 'society' of sheep, but not in their relations with the Shepherd, who manages the herd.
Due to the presence of the Spirit in my body, I have received from the Creator an opportunity to participate in the revival of the people's healthy society by the means of His world and became a part of the Providence that radically changed my position among them. However, the Occurrence of the Spirit has brought into my life not only certain possibilities, but also constraints on their implementation. Their essence is that the hypostasis of the Shepherd does not envisage the realization of the powers of authority over the people, and has as its aim the revival of their healthy society.
The System's destruction started with the moment when the Creator has initiated the process of changing the people's consciousness in order to give them a true view of the world around them. In every human's memory there goes on an imperceptible for him or her process of replacing the basic knowledge and understanding with the new ones. At that, there remains unchanged the formed identity of each individual and goes on its subsequent transformation with due account of awareness of the acquired knowledge in the form of beliefs.
Since the completion of this process will take some time, during this period the Creator introduces for the powers that be the restrictions on the freedom of their actions, not allowing them to carry out destructive actions.
Recollect, for instance, the annexation of the Crimea and the statements of the Russian authorities at that time. The country-aggressor's possession of a powerful and well-equipped army left no doubt about the further fate of the mainland of Ukraine. And how did that turn out? Do you really think that this were scilicet heroic people of Ukraine who did not allow the capture of the entire country and stopped the aggressor? Certainly not, and cowardly position of the Ukrainian authorities in the negotiations in Minsk says the whole world about it.
Two years after, the Russian army still continues to threaten Ukraine, but at the same time because of the unexplained reasons does not conduct full-scale operations. This stems from the 'external circumstances' that make it incapable at the time, when there are made attempts to bring its units on the territory of Ukraine.
  Initially, Putin saw the reason for this state of affairs in the plotting of the Russian Federation Armed Forces military command and even dismissed a couple of dozen generals from their positions, but the problem has not disappeared, and he ventured upon a military adventure in Syria, in order to assure himself of his army's combat capability.
There, everything was different: soldiers and officers did not lose fighting capacity, planes were flying, armored vehicles and artillery worked properly, even though many soldiers and equipment arrived from the occupied territories of Ukraine. But for the Russian president personally such an army, which fighting capacity for unknown reasons disappears in certain areas, cannot be a reliable protection of his regime, that was why following the example of his Ukrainian colleague he decided to provide himself with the National Guard.
In Ukraine, it has long been not a secret for anybody that the president is arming not the army but the National Guard, so that in case of danger it ensures him the possibility to leave the country together with his team. The Poroshenko's fears are well founded. But will it help him to save himself and his associates from the Creator's possible action? After all, Poroshenko is no better than his business companion Putin, with whom he wrapped up the deals just at the time, when the Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers have died defending the country against the Russian invaders.
However, according to a recent verdict of the Shevchenko District Court of Kiev, the fact of armed aggression on the part of the Russian Federation is not installed, and the Ukrainian army is conducting an anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country. President Poroshenko and his government insist on this decision in order to restore the prestige of his business partner Putin. It's not even a betrayal of the country's interests, but the direct complicity with the enemy, who occupied a part of the territory of Ukraine. Not without reason they say: 'For some people war is war, for others – dear mother.' The peoples of Russia and Ukraine must know their 'heroes' from the International of bandits and thieves.
Those in power are badly mistaken believing that they have an impact on the minds of their citizens. Recently, they have ceased to be easily controlled puppets in the hands of the authorities. Under the influence of the Creator, in the minds of the people the views on developments are being changed at the level of belief, because He seeks for a conscious choice on their part and prevention of the past mistakes' recurrence. Two Maidans in Ukraine, the 'Arab Spring' and the events in Libya are a perfect example of these changes. The power as a phenomenon of the social life must completely discredit itself in the eyes of the people and work out the mankind's zero tolerance. That's what it is doing now all over the world, and Ukraine and Russia are no exception.
People are annoyed with the escalating of violence against them on the part of the authorities, who rob them being protected by law, and at the same time scoff, demanding evidence of their criminal activities, claiming: not caught, not a thief. But with the Creator such tricks do not pass, and everyone gets what deserves.
So do not be surprised with what we see now in the once consolidated milieu of those in power. Now it is every man for himself, and it is not considered a sin to 'bury' the yesterday's accomplice.
Judges, prosecutors and other officials from the government, get nailed on bribery and other illegal actions, convincing the people by their example that it is possible to survive and get rid of the problems generated by the power only by switching to a real self-government, abolishing the power as a phenomenon of the social life. In the meantime, under the influence of the Creator the mankind generates strong immunity to the power, in order to convey it to subsequent generations.
Those who carefully read the article in my journal, have already seen and could convinced themselves that one can address the Creator not only about health, but also for the restoration of justice, when the Act of the power protects your abuser. In addition, it should be remembered that the measure and the way of punishment of the perpetrator is the prerogative of the Creator, and He does not seek to give it a public character. The victim would not have any connection to what happens to the offender if the Creator deems him guilty.
Let us take a real-life example: a judge tries to condemn a volunteer on false charges, but is caught taking bribe, and the case is transferred to another judge, who suffers the same fate. For the next judge, who will take up the case of a slandered volunteer, the choice is small. He will either acquit a person, or be punished by the Creator for the unjust verdict. At best, in the later case an incurable disease awaits for such a judge, and at worst – a possible death, because it was said: "Judge not, that ye be not judged; For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you."

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov


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