Dec. 1st, 2016

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It's time to talk about my ability to initiate the healing process. I would like to note that after all, being is primary in relation to our consciousness, and therefore an event or a fact of what is happening to us or beyond us has a value, not our interpretation of the goings-on. If you are a witness that the stone thrown up has hang in mid-air, do not rush to declare that what you see violates the laws of physics (of being), because there is nothing wrong with the laws, just what is happening is contrary to your expectations and not more.
The body is in a resting state, if forces acting on it are balanced, or do not exist as such. Being aware that the force of the Earth's gravity is in place, and observing the fact of the "floating" stone, it is not difficult to assume the existence of the force that balances it. So, one had a little left to do: simply try to give a scientific explanation of the observed phenomenon, if this is possible within the existing human's knowledge and understanding. Scilicet this is how there goes on the process of understanding the world around us.
A man, being a part of the world around him, is in constant contact with the environment. Our body is able to restore itself, but only within the framework of personal resources, as it is evidenced by the 'placebo effect'. Human resource is enormous, but finite, and therefore the right use of it gives a chance for a healthy and long life.
Since the conception of human in the womb, there develop the processes of his formation and growth up to a state of maturity. These processes occur only once, and thereafter the body is maintained in the 'operating state' by means of the life-supporting processes.
One should keep in mind that the ability to heal is the body's own property, that is why medicine is only meant to be a help to it in this. It is foolish not to use the achievements of medicine, but it should be recognized that its capacity is not unlimited. As the saying goes: 'Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's.'
    The main stumbling block in relations between the medicine and the people, who possess an ability to heal the neighbor, is the lack of scientific evidence of such abilities. Probably, from the point of view of the medicine, in which sphere the knowledge and the skills can be transmitted by the means of learning and mastering practical skills, this approach is substantiated because the science wants to understand them in order to use and replicate.
If a person's abilities are the manifestation of an individual kind and cannot be copied and repeated by the others, this means that together with the person they will also go away. For the science such circumstances are very inconvenient. However, the science cannot refute the fact of healing, if it has already occurred. To oppose the obvious, may only those people from the science, who are conservative and not open to accept the new knowledge. Unfortunately, scilicet with them we associate the science.
From the point of view of the scientific approach, if the experiment three times gives one and the same result, it can be considered reliable. A person does not matter who and how saves his life. Ultimately, only God can give the guarantees.
Any treatment and medical care are reviewed by the body as an act of invasion, which it must tolerate or resist to. And it depends on how the stars will stand.
By the means available to me, the patient's body can be healed without any outside interference, and this applies not only to the humans but also to the animals.
Let us take, for example, a tumor in the breast of a woman, which according to the results of analyses was recognized as malignant. The rejection process is there for all to see. The body fights with it and as a result – fever, pain and other associated symptoms. What can be done in such a case? The doctor's verdict – surgery. His fears are correct and reasonable.
As a consequence of the impact that I have conducted, there became possible another scenario: the body's rejection reaction has disappeared, the fever subsided, the inflammatory process has left, and with it the pain. The tumor began to be recognized by the body as benign.
In the following, there are two possible ways of the tumor's disappearance: 1. It will decrease in the volume while maintaining the density; 2. The tumor will become soft, its density decreases and it dissipates. Sometimes both options can be observed simultaneously. This is a decision of the very body. As a result – the complete disappearance of the tumor and no recurrence. All this occurs within a period of not more than 1–3 weeks.
Whether such a variant is possible in a particular case, one can determine no later than 1–2 days after exposure. Typically, the patient feels the change in the first 15–30 minutes, which may already be indicative of susceptibility.
Panacea does not exist, and if the body does not respond explicitly in the direction of improvement of its condition, it means only one thing – you should look for someone, who will help you.

Of course, cancer is not the only problem that a person faces. There are also others that can be solved in this way. By the way, as the experience of rendering relief through my journal's page acknowledges, there is no need in the direct contact with the patients (

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov


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