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2016-02-21 10:27 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Дети не виноваты в том, что взрослые не могут жить в мире

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Children Are not to Blame for the Adults' Inability to Live in Peace

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Ce n’est pas la faute des enfants que les adultes ne peuvent pas vivre en paix

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2017-06-16 05:36 am

Time Doesn´t Wait (Время не ждёт)



Any revolution ends with the collapse of hopes and disappointment of those who, by the will of fate, became its participant. This is because the authorities originally conceive it as a means for "blowing off steam" and easing social tension within a controlled majority. As a result, the power retains itself, changing only those who represent it. It persistently inculcates the idea upon the controlled majority that any attempts to destroy the existing order always result in the deterioration of living conditions for itself.
There is nothing surprising in that, since in fact the leaders of revolutionary movements always come from the ruling class. Their task is to identify the most active representatives of the controlled majority with a view to their further elimination. In addition, they do everything to discredit the very revolutionary movement.
Look at what is happening in Ukraine, and you will see confirmation of all of the mentioned above. The new power, using the "institutions of justice" of its predecessor, with special zeal deals with the active participants of the Maidan, as well as the military volunteers who promised to restore order in the country.
The power is ready to negotiate with the devil himself, if it is a question of its preservation, and seeks to destroy everyone who threatens it. The only thing is that the current government in Ukraine is not full-fledged, since it doesn’t have the tools to implement its powers of authority, which is the reason for the lack of reforms in the country. Time works against the authorities, disavowing their incompetence and helplessness amid growing problems.
In this situation, the emergence of the third Maidan may prove to be justified if its main task is to abolish the institution of the power as such. Otherwise, the Ukrainian people run the risk of stepping on the same rake as in the case of the first two Maidans. It's time to debunk the faith in a good ruler, to whom his entourage doesn’t report the whole truth about the state of affairs in the country. In fact, it is the ruler, who is the leader of a bandit gang, called the authority that is parasitizing the body of the state. All currently existing tools to combat the "parasite" are not effective, as they are offered to the people by the very "parasite". Alas, but people cannot do without help from outside.
To begin with, you need to stop lying to yourself and not take for a truth a flattering lie, with which the current government is overpowering the people. There was no "revolution of dignity", and the Maidan of 2014 was to become a "bloody Sunday" for the Ukrainians, just as it was in tsarist Russia in the distant 1905th.
In the fact that the tragedy did not take place, there is no merit either of the insurgents or of the power itself. The flight from the country of president Yanukovich and his accomplices has not yet received a clear explanation due to the absence of justified reasons. Not the people of Ukraine made incompetent an intelligence network of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff), as well as its "fifth column" in addition. Badly armed volunteers and the AFU’s (the Armed Forces of Ukraine)  numerically insignificant units were a priori unable to resist the numerous and well-armed army of Russia. In a real clash, they could only die heroically, detaining for some time the enemy, but no more.
In this case, the question arises: what or who stopped the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine? Who will explain the reason for such inconsequent correlation of losses among the opposing sides? The story of the war’s hybrid character was invented by the impotents from the power in order to hide their complete misunderstanding of what is happening. Logically, Ukraine was to disappear as a state immediately after Russia's occupation of the Crimea. Neither Ukraine, nor Europe, nor the USA have any relation to the observed phenomenon.
Only among the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities there aroused the desire to take advantage of the situation and to arrogate to themselves the victories, which they did not commit. The only thing is that it is fearful to demand that Russia withdraws its troops from the occupied regions without any valid arguments in the form of a large and well-armed modern army, which president Poroshenko doesn’t have. What if suddenly the One who actually stopped the Russian troops, will change His mind and "the Elephant will crush with his foot the Pug barking at him"? [Allusion with the Poem by Ivan Andreevich Krylov ‘Elephant And Pug’. See ]
Whether from despair, or ignorance and own stupidity, the Ukrainian power tries to pursue a policy from the category of how to "sit on two chairs that are located in different corners of the room." On the one hand, in spite of constant shelling by the enemy, it pretends that nothing happens on the contact line of the troops, and simply reports to the OSCE on violations and on the other, calls on foreign troops to peacekeeping in the Ukraine’s territory, which can allegedly stop the Russian Army in the case of a full-scale invasion.
The ineffectiveness of the separatists’ shelling of and the inexplicably small number of losses of the Ukrainian side has long spawned a lot of questions. Putin had to check the fighting efficiency of his troops in real military actions also in Syria in order to make sure that the "Ukrainian phenomenon" does exist. The only thing is that it has no explanation. What is Putin to do in a situation where "the elbow is near, but try to bite it"?
So we have to bluff and scare cowardly Ukrainian power. True, there is no use for it, since the latter, even if it lays itself out, still can do nothing. To preserve their ruling position, the powers that be are not even against giving Mariupol to the enemy, so that Russia can organize an overland corridor to the Crimea. To do this, the Ukrainian government settled for Shirokino’s "demilitarization", which can’t be called otherwise as an invitation to Russian troops.
But "but things are still right where they started." Putin still is not in a position to realize what he has conceived, and the reason for that are the circumstances "from the outside." That is why the "peacekeeping fuss" in Minsk will not save any of the "contracting" parties. All participants of the "Norman Four" will be disavowed and exposed as of Putin’s "underlings", and the world will see how in this format he makes arrangements with himself.
Problems for Hollande and Merkel are just beginning, while new scandals and shocks are awaiting Europe. Putin reasonably believes that "he who serves and treats a lady has her being willing and ready," that is why the French and the Germans will have to answer for the work that has not been done. Following the refugees from Syria, there will be other "messages" of him. Europe should think about its security, because the One, who defends Ukraine against Russia, may not like the "flirting" of Hollande and Merkel with Putin.
Forcing Russia to peace concerns only its power, but it doesn’t aim at dismembering the country into a number of states. So in vain China and other "ill-wishers" expect to solve their territorial problems at the expense of Russia. This is what justice demands. The only thing is that contrary to Putin's desire, Russian troops will have to get out of Ukraine and simultaneously "mop up" the occupied territories from mercenaries and bandits.
It would be nice to publicize all the secret arrangements and agreements with the current Ukrainian authorities, so that the country could recognize its "heroes". Both Russian and Ukrainian authorities have little time for this, as the people can overthrow them.
Something similar happened to several dictatorial regimes during the events of the "Arab spring". Then the "unpreparedness" of the masses was more than compensated by "external control," which led to minimal losses among the insurgents. Alas, but the Creator cannot rely on people's consciousness, and the time doesn’t wait...

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-06-14 07:42 pm

About Making a Fairy Tale Happen

О том, как сказку можно сделать былью



No matter however you slice it, without the absorption of Ukraine, Russia can’t be reborn as an empire. An unsuccessful attempt to implement the annexation of our country in 2004 forced the Russian authorities to take more careful measures to destroy the Ukrainian statehood in order to make the process irreversible and guarantee Ukraine's membership in the Russian Federation.
The bringing to power of the puppet government headed by president Yanukovich was to ensure the implementation of the plan for Ukraine's "peaceful entry" into the "unified and indivisible" RF no later than 2014.
But Russian president Putin’s plans were not destined to come true. However, there is no merit in that of either the Ukrainian people or the new "revolutionary" power under the leadership of the president-"peacemaker" Poroshenko. Say what you will, but the Russian special services have worked in Ukraine thoroughly, destroying the apparatus of state administration, without which the current power a priori is not able to realize its powers of authority.
As for the "fifth column" of Russia and the branched intelligence network of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff) in Ukraine, they have not disappeared anywhere, but just temporarily lost their efficiency and certainly not of their own free will. Something similar happened to the Russian army, which was ready to carry out a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine.
A holy place is never empty [English equivalent: The throne is never vacant], and the number of those wishing to take the laurels of the winners, who stopped the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, is growing every day. The only thing is that just none of them can predict the development of events even in the near future, but for the professional liars this is also not a problem.
The current Ukrainian government is lying thoroughly and selflessly. If you follow its claims, the reforms in the country are in full swing, and the economy is experiencing an unprecedented rise due to investments from the West, which is looking forward to Ukraine's accession to the European Union and is ready to grant it a visa-free regime, despite the continued occupation of the part of its territory by the Russian troops.

The situation painfully resembles the plot of Andersen's fairy tale "The New Dress of the King" about two cunning people who managed to convince the monarch that they sewed a wonderful dress supposedly becoming invisible exclusively for fools or people who are not in their place.
Similarly, prime minister Yatsenyuk and president Poroshenko tell the whole world the fairy tales about "reforms that only fools do not see." Apparently, in their opinion, all the rest should consider as such the Ukrainian people, the investors and the world community.
Just one small thing is lacking: to find a boy who will inform everyone that there are no reforms in Ukraine and that they are not expected in the near future. And while the one was not found, the Ukrainian government, represented today by a group of mass-entertainers, "powdering" the brains of ordinary people, takes their attention by holding the mass events. It can be the election of anyone anywhere, or the celebration of anniversaries and dates.

The persistence of the Ukrainian president, who tries to convince the people and the entire world community that the Minsk agreements will lead to a peaceful settlement of the conflict with Russia, is surprising. At the same time, no one is asking the question: why is Putin so anxious to recreate in the borders of the former USSR an empire, based on the Russian Federation? The answer is simple. The collapse of the USSR symbolized not so much the fall of the communist regime as the dismemberment of a single state into a number of territories, one of which possessed a real statehood, and all the rest had to create it.
It is worth noting that in the current conditions this is impossible. Among these pseudo-states there was Ukraine, since the proclamation of independence and sovereignty doesn’t at all mean real possession of them. The reunification of the newly emerging republics at the level of economies into a single union was viewed as inevitable, since the infrastructure of the former USSR lost its meaning and significance within a single republic. If Putin succeeded, then, having gathered all the former Soviet republics into a single empire, he would automatically receive, if not all, but still most of the former power of the USSR. And it was not necessary to reinvent the bicycle. That was why Russia in every possible way prevented the restructuring of the economies of the post-Soviet states with due account of the national needs of each of them.
Especially the president of Russia is worried about Ukraine, where there are many defense enterprises, academic and industrial scientific research institutes of the former USSR. Not the least role is played by the circumstance that Russia sees its historical roots in Kievan Rus. That is why, by virtue of a whole complex of military-political and economic interests of the ruling circles of the Russian Federation, the annexation of Ukraine by Russia has become inevitable.
In Ukraine, since the proclamation of independence, the same processes as in the entire post-Soviet space have been going on. The former party nomenclature and the chiefs of the state apparatus "privatized" the people's property, but they did not have the mind to use it properly. Scilicet these oligarchs, in whose property there occurred the largest enterprises of the former USSR, did everything to integrate Ukraine into an alliance with Russia and other post-Soviet republics, since the interests of business for them are higher than the national interests. At the same time, they have been receiving without a twinge of conscience privileges in supplying energy and raw materials from the Ukrainian state, converting into their profits the state budget funds.
It was not a question of modernization of production, while the oligarchs lived at the expense of the state budget. The state in Ukraine has long ago ceased to be an owner of property and at present exists mainly due to the taxes, so it is not obliged to subsidize private factories and enterprises from its budget. The only thing that the government can do to really help small and medium businesses in Ukraine in the current situation is to stop interfering in their activities if they do not go beyond the law. The Soviet habit of government officials to intervene in all spheres of the society’s activities in order to obtain personal benefits still occupies most of their working time.
As mentioned above, Ukraine inherited from the USSR a republican scale Soviet-style apparatus of state administration. Scilicet it has become an instrument for realizing the powers of authority of the ruling circles of Ukraine. Under Yanukovich, this apparatus was destroyed, and current managers simply do not have the tools to implement their powers of authority. All attempts to revive or transform it according to the European pattern are doomed to failure.

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first is to realize self-government in the country, and the other is to gain colonial statehood from the European Union. The only thing is that the powers that be in Ukraine have neither the mind nor the competent experts for solving these tasks.
On top of that, the Ukrainian government shamelessly lies that it is able to organize worthy resistance in the event of an expansion of aggression from the northern neighbor. At the request of Europe and Russia the authorities disarmed and removed from the front line the military volunteers, who were ready to defend Ukraine at the cost of their own lives. 
Putin doesn’t intend to back away from his claims to Ukraine and is ready to blow up his own civilian aircrafts in order to change the attitude of the world public to it and deprive it of the Western support.
I wouldn’t be surprised if in the memoirs of the current president of Ukraine there will be a record that scilicet his willful decision forced the explosive device to work in a Russian plane over the Sinai Peninsula, despite the fact that the timer had to blow off the charge on board two hours later, when the plane would have already flown by over the territory of Ukraine. It is also possible that the will of the Ukrainian president, as it turns out, forced the Turkish pilots to shoot down the Russian military aircraft Su-24 on the border with Syria ...
The Creator keeps Ukraine safe, but not those who usurped power over its people. With them, He will do the same as with the Russian invaders, who encroached on its territorial integrity.
Man proposes, and the Creator disposes, and His ways are inscrutable. He doesn’t care what people think about Him and He doesn’t reckon upon their participation in His Providence. He will do Himself His own work and this gives hope for the salvation of the humankind.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-06-13 07:16 pm

The Right Choice (Правильный выбор)



Local elections in Ukraine piped down, but neither the people nor the authorities received the expected result from their conduct. If the former has been deceived once again, the second simply doesn't know what to do next. The president, who promised to begin real reforms in the country after the elections, pretends that everything is fine, and what was promised will come true right away as soon as possible. 
The state management mechanism doesn’t work and cannot be restored, the people of the power have neither mind nor sufficient funds to build a new one from scratch. The Ukrainian people are accustomed to independently solve the issues of personal survival and figure only on the fact that the state and the power will not interfere with them in this. The military conflict in the east of Ukraine showed that the state is not able to fulfill its functions to protect the territorial integrity of the country, and this burden also fell on the shoulders of the people. At the same time, the state budget is regularly filled at the expense of tax collections, but the power inaptly disposes of these funds, plundering most of them.
Imitating a stormy activity, the people of the power are spending huge sums of money on holding unnecessary elections, distracting in this way the attention of the country’s population from solving urgent problems. At the same time, the authorities are trying to hide their own inconsistency and incompetence, which became the main reason that makes impossible the process of conduct of the reforms in the country.
The issues of personal well-being and survival always come first for the power. That is why it is increasing the number of the police units in the country and is not at all worried about the armed forces’ condition. The authorities are preparing for the inevitable insight of the people and the possible armed confrontation with them. There approaches a real, not a fake revolution.

That is why the power in every way tries to "freeze" the military conflict in the east of the country. Thus, at the right time, it can call for its salvation the "peacekeepers" from Putin's Russia, having sacrificed a part of the territory of Ukraine. This is how the near future is felt by the representatives of the current government. The reality of what is happening in the country and abroad is in fact quite different.
To begin with, there was no any revolution in the country, as there was only a peaceful action of civil disobedience in Kiev, which was called the Maidan. The former authorities were confident of their inviolability, and therefore easily went to force dispersal of protesters, which ended in the deaths of the "heavenly hundred." What happened then was incredible, and about it all the participants of the events prefer to remain modestly silent. The authorities lost their ability to resist and actually toppled themselves by their own inaction. The final was president Yanukovych and his team’s unsubstantiated flight from the country.
The usurpation of power by Turchinov and Yatseniuk was perceived as a misunderstanding by all the sitting in the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) at that time. The deputies believed that president Yanukovich would soon return and eliminate the misunderstanding. In fact, the "usurpers" bluffed and scared Verkhovna Rada, threatening the deputies with possible reprisals from the unarmed Maidan. While the protesters mourned the dead, Turchinov and Yatsenyuk already on their behalf began to realize their authority in the country. Only the newly-minted leaders miscalculated, since they didn’t expect that the previous authorities and their friends from Russia had completely destroyed the state administration apparatus, which could become for the new government an instrument for realizing its powers of authority.
The events in Ukraine were a complete surprise for Russian president Putin, who prepared everything for its "peaceful" entry into the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that the then G8 gave him its approval for the annexation of all of Ukraine. In this situation, Putin had no choice but to resort to forceful seizure of the territory of the neighboring state.
The annexation of Ukraine seemed inevitable, given that Russia effortlessly occupied the Crimea while the newly-revealed Ukrainian government realized with horror its incapacity. The Ukrainian army couldn’t really resist the invaders, and the seizure of the continental part of Ukraine could be only a matter of time.
The only thing was that everything, which was planned, went wrong. But no one is interested in telling the truth about the reasons of what happened. And the real facts are as follows: the Russian military command has lost the ability to control the troops, which, in turn, lost their combat capability when they tried to cross the state border of Ukraine.
As for the events in eastern Ukraine, then in the summer of 2014, there was no victorious liberation of the occupied territories by the AFU’s (the Armed Forces of Ukraine) units, since the separatists themselves abandoned the previously occupied cities for no apparent reason and withdrew to Lugansk and Donetsk without a fight. In reality, there was exercised an impact that determined this kind of motivation of the occupiers and their accomplices to action. Given that at that time they didn’t have at their disposal the heavy weapons, the liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk could be carried out with minimal losses. Alas, the new president of Ukraine preferred to make a deal with Russia and stopped the offensive of the AFU’s units.

And now about the main thing – everyone who was in the conflict zone was subjected to a special impact, which subsequently appropriately motivated their behavior and ability for concrete action – the civilian population ceased to be prone to panic, and mercenaries, separatists and the Russian military lost their skills and ability to resist. In turn, the Ukrainian military volunteers and servicemen, on the contrary, received the ability to adequately assess the situation and the skills to conduct successful military operations. Otherwise, they a priori couldn’t resist the regular Russian army and mercenaries from among first-class specialists with extensive experience in conducting combat operations.
How the impact turns the fighters of the Russian elite unit "Vympel" into ordinary soldiers could be seen during the fighting in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport. Among the Ukrainian defenders of the airport there were no any "terminators". There, the military volunteers and the AFU’s soldiers undertook the defense. Both the enemy weapons’ systems and the vehicles were affected. Its results materialized on the battlefields in the form of a large number of unexploded ordnance of various types.
Inside Ukraine, Russia not only had an intelligence network of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff)but also a powerful "fifth column". They were called to prepare together the success of Russian troops’ ground operations. Their incapacity was ensured by total suppression of will at the level of the actions’ motivation. This influence continues even now, that is why new president Poroshenko hopes in vain for their contribution to the reincarnation of his predecessor's regime, albeit in a more sophisticated form.
History has a habit of repeating itself if its lessons do not go to people in advance for the future use. Everyone, who aspires to get into power, realizes his intentions with the use of immoral and at times inhuman methods and means, not despising even murder. But when such people achieve their goal, they do everything to whitewash themselves in the public eye.
It is possible that the current authorities in Ukraine could manage to save themselves, but in modern realities this is highly unlikely, because the interests and the actions of the powers that be are contrary to the principles of the Triune Entity. They risk running into an equally harsh reaction on Its part, as it has already happened in the case of the Russian invaders and their accomplices-separatists. It will be effective, lightning fast and will fall from the side where it was not expected. The powers that be shouldn’t forget about this.
At the moment, the people of Ukraine have two options for the possible acquisition of the statehood. The first is to get it through colonial dependence on the same Europe. The second is to build a new statehood on the basis of self-government, which will make it possible to get rid of such a "disease" as the institutionalization of the power by radical means. However, this choice is optimal only for the Ukrainian people, because it doesn’t suit the authorities and is unacceptable for its adherents outside the country.
The first way will turn Ukraine into Europe’s colonial appendage, which suits everyone, except the ordinary people. The Creator during the first and the second Maidans gave the Ukrainian people a chance to make the right choice, but both times they preferred to trust the adventurers who, like the groups of five of one hockey team,  were succeeding their predecessors, but did not ever abolish the very slavery. Paradoxically, but the Ukrainians – a freedom-loving people with centuries-old traditions of struggle for independence – did it.
Where there is the power, there is no place for the free choice of people, because it realizes itself only through the violence. The power has always stood, and will stand above the law.

The right choice there can make only a man with true knowledge and a system of values that are adequate to the real world. That's why the Creator chose the way of changing people's consciousness, and when they get true knowledge and the correct system of values, they will not have questions concerning the arrangement of their lives.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-06-10 05:05 pm

Vow of Fidelity (Клятва верности)



Neither the people nor the state need an oath of loyalty of those, who pledge to protect them from encroachments on the part of the enemy, as these people a priori will protect themselves and those, who are dear to them.
An oath of allegiance or "blood oath" is necessary for the leaders of bandit and thievish groups. 
This is how they protect themselves, sacrificing health and lives of the rest of the gang members. Ordinary thugs and thieves dont aspire to give their lives for the well-being and the prosperity of their leaders, and therefore the text of the taken oath is necessarily talking about the death penalty and unified contempt for those,who dare to break it.
The power a priori is a throng of bandits, thieves and murderers, and realizes its powers through coercion with the use of force. From the oppressed majority, it recruits those who must protect it, and therefore requires them to swear allegiance, associating itself in their minds with the people, the state and the Motherland that priori dont need such an oath.
The powers that be dont trust those who are hired for their defense, and in parallel form the so-called "anti-retreat units" of bandits and murderers, who are called to stop and kill those, who want to desert from the ranks of the power’s defenders.
The Ukrainian authority was not an exception. It seeks to preserve and protect itself from the inevitable wrath of the oppressed people, while sacrificing the interests of the state. In conditions of external aggression, the powers that be in Ukraine dont strengthen the country's defense capability, but are engaged in the formation of police units, allocating for this huge amounts of money from the state budget.
The recruits take an oath of loyalty to the authority, which they will definitely violate, if their instinct for self-preservation demands. They are enticed by a life of Reilly and high salaries, and not by the opportunity to sacrifice themselves to protect the interests of the powers that be. The authorities are aware of the mood of the recruits and take measures to exclude treachery on their part.
At his time Yanukovich recruited to the subunit named “Berkut” [Golden Eagle in English] criminals, murderers and bandits, who shot in the backs of their colleagues if they saw that they doubted the legitimacy of orders issued by the authorities.
Only a fool can believe that the power creates the police forces solely to maintain public order and law in a country that is at war. In such cases, the state is obliged to strengthen and weapon its army, but not the police, which a priori is not able to conduct military operations in the zone of conflict.
The powers that be have no need in the motivated military volunteers, since scilicet they are the ones that threaten their existence. They prefer to negotiate with the enemy, trading the territory of the country. That is why the power calls the fighting in the Donbass an antiterrorist operation, although Ukrainian troops and military volunteers are fighting with the aggressor’s regular army. This way it can easily trump up a criminal case against any fighter, if he/she dares to oppose it. Under the slogans of observing the rule of law, the powers that be pick a fight with the military volunteers and the motivated fighters of the Armed Forces, crowding with them the penitentiary institutions in the frontline zone.
Law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts in the Donbass consist entirely of those who faithfully served the former regime and gladly accepted the ideas of separatism. Now they are all in the service of the new government and with special zeal help send its opponents from among the defenders of the Motherland to the places of deprivation of liberty, so that the latter don’t interfere with the powers that be to negotiate with the invaders and conduct joint business on blood.
The power as a system of public management in Ukraine has never matured due to the absence in the country of a duly functioning public administration apparatus through which it could realize its powers of authority. There is nobody to carry out reforms, and therefore only words not deeds have been offered. The authorities are holding elections by the elections, trying to hide their own incapacity from the people and the western investors.
And yes, Yanukovych managed to play a dirty trick upon Poroshenko, but the ostentatious confrontation between them never went beyond the disagreements between members of the same family. The Opposition bloc and the current clones of the Party of Regions are ready to swear allegiance to president Poroshenko and are just waiting in the wings.
There is an opinion that the most effective way to combat any revolutionary movement is to lead it and bring it to nothing, exterminating along the way all those who stood at the origins of its birth. The current president and his team are successfully coping with a corresponding task of discrediting and destroying the Maidan’s ideas, having intercepted the initiative away from the "dilettantes", Turchinov and Yatsenyuk, whose "agility", as it turned out, was enough to usurp the power, but not to take advantage of it.
Poroshenko was and remains a member of the oligarchic clan and intends to restore the former regime in the country, but in a more perverse and cruel form. Alas, but the power’s heady toxin deprived him of an adequate perception of the realities of what is happening outside the presidential palace.
In addition to intentions, it is necessary to possess possibilities for their implementation, and this is just what the current authority doesnt have. It will burst like a soap bubble, and do it without help.
Its collapse will happen for edification of all those, who still cherish in their thoughts the " holy grail " to usurp power in Ukraine. Such an act will inevitably lead to punishment, for, in fact, it will be an act of theft, since the people, according to the Constitution, are not only the bearer of the power, but also the power itself.
In the near future, the people of Ukraine will realize their sovereign rights and powers in the new forms of self-government, which were born on the Maidan. And no one will be allowed to fool the society with a phantom of the "power" standing over it. For what is permissible to Jove is not permissible for a bull (Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi).

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-06-08 11:45 am

Patriotism Is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Патриотизм — последнее прибежище негодяя



The lack of real reforms in Ukraine, which  ensues from the incompetence  of the government, forces the latter to show its activity in institutional terms in order to keep the people in ignorance about the true state of affairs in the country as long as possible. The authorities in every available way delay the inevitable social explosion and are preparing to suppress it.
It is for this purpose that huge budgetary funds are spent on the formation and the training of police units. In fact, the country maintains both the militia and the police, although initially the intention was to replace the first one with the second. According to the idea of ​​ the ruling circles representatives, these formations, in cooperation with other special services, should protect the authorities from the people in the event of mass anti-government protests. Moreover, now, just as it happens in Russia, any expression of the people's  will  and moving forward of the requirements for improving the living conditions are considered illegal. The power associates itself with the state, although in reality it only parasitizes on its body. 
Local elections held by the authorities in the context of the declared process of decentralization are nothing more than the legal formalization of their contractual relations with the local elites. Thieves and bandits agree on how they will rob together the Ukrainian people. In the country, under the guise of fighting for the ideals of the revolution of dignity, there goes on the process of restoring the Party of Regions' power, behind the birth of which there also stood directly the current president.
The authorities would like to strengthen their positions, but the lack of an efficient state administration’s apparatus  doesnt allow them to do so. The weakness of the authorities provokes them on an agreement even with the Russian aggressor, if it is about their survival.
According to the agreement within the framework of the Minsk process, the Ukrainian authorities were to cede the Russian protégés from the so called Luhansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic the territory of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions within their administrative borders. Scilicet for this reason, the Ukrainian president initiated the demilitarization of Shirokino, while the unilateral withdrawal of weapons by the Ukrainian side simultaneously with the enemy forces’ stepping-up in this direction would allow the latter to seize Mariupol without special difficulties and open for Russia a land corridor to the Crimea. The Ukrainian authorities do not understand the reasons why Russian troops have not yet done so, because doing so they would help them to hide from the public the fact of their betrayal.
In order to somehow get out of this situation and to substantiate the transfer of territories controlled by the AFU to the invaders, there was decided to hold local elections, which would show that the population of these areas is still under the influence of forces, which are in opposition to the power.
People living in these territories became hostages to the collusion of the Ukrainian authorities with the aggressor country and the representatives of the former elite in the Donbass, who are its henchmen on the ground. What kind of demonstration of the population’s free will can be discussed if all power structures in these areas have not undergone significant changes and 90% of their staff consist of those, who faithfully served the regime of Yanukovich? Everyone who publicly declares his/her commitment to Ukrainian statehood, risks freedom, well-being and the very life.
The media are already trumpeting about the phenomenon of democratic elections successful holding in the eastern regions. In fact, the Party of Regions in the person of their new clones and the Opposition bloc retain their influence in these territories.
Thus, the Ukrainian government has revealed to the whole world its true face. It again divides the country into east and west, referring to some mental differences in the minds of people living in these parts of a single country.
The next power’s step will be recognition of Russia's "right" to extend its influence to the eastern regions of Ukraine, which will allow the aggressor country and its proteges in the Donbas to legitimize the enclave created by them in the occupied territories with the status of a special district. And Ukraine will be obliged to accept it for own maintenance.
The creeping counterrevolution, which is headed personally by Putin's "trojan horse", is gathering momentum in Ukraine. It is difficult to maintain and multiply one’s  business in Ukraine, which is at war, and only the real oligarch-internationalist is able to do the same in Russia that acted as an aggressor against his Homeland. It is no accident that it is said of such politicians essence: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
But even "great men are not always wise." No matter how the current power tries to save itself, it does not succeed. With enviable persistence it engages in self-discrediting, and is really a success doing so. The Ukrainian power should remember that it does not order music on this celebration of life, but the western investors, who do not risk their money and can contribute to the introduction of the West’s direct governance in the country. Such a turn of events will be perceived by the people of Ukraine as the manifestation of friendly assistance on their part, but if the latter does not take decisive steps to provide effective systematic economic and political assistance to our country in the near future, then the third Maydan is inevitable.
The Ukrainian government behaves like a would-be noble [an allusion to the hero of Molière's play Le Bourgeois gentilhomme], and the president's self-admiration is just off scale. One gets an impression that only the "Father of the Nation" works in this country, being both the initiator and the implementator of all initiatives in life. In every public speech we hear: my law, my proposal, my initiative, I insisted, I demanded, I suggested, I achieved it.
It seems that the authorities and the people live in parallel dimensions. The authorities are talking about reforms that we do not see, because they do not existThe civil volunteers still supply the army with everything necessary, and the army authorities go on stealing the budget funds. The government officials relentlessly take loans outside the country and unanimously steal them, for there is no limit to their greed in the matters of personal enrichment. The authorities should have more often recollect the fate of their predecessor. History repeats itself.
Everything is very simple. People of power are exposed to the outside influence, which makes them careless and forces to make unforgivable mistakes. Further, the law of the "wolf pack" comes into force, and the power gets rid of the "weaks". It is just wasting away gradually. Its ranks are thinning, and between the members of the "pack" there are established the relations of hostility and mistrust. Any help from the outside is blocked, and the power outlives itself.
Scilicet this way the Yanukovich's regime was overthrown in front of his patron Putin, and he couldnrender any help, although had sufficient forces and means. The people only watched the process and bewared to take advantage of the situation, but as it is said, a holy place is never empty [English equivalent: The throne is never vacant].
The sloughed off "yoke of power" was picked up by crooks and again placed on the neck of the people. There passed a process of usurping power. It was carried out by Turchynov and Yatseniuk, but at the same time they were afraid of responsibility, giving the position of the leader to oligarch Poroshenko. The deal was "legalized" through the hasty presidential election, from which residents of a number of regions were excommunicated. This is the history of the current government’s appearance. It vowes its "legitimacy" and "effectiveness", but it has not actualized as such, since it lacks the tools for exercising power. That's why there are no reforms in the country. There are simply no specialists in the government administration, who could implement them. The circle has been closed.
The current power has embarked the path of its predecessor, and will inevitably share its fate. The expected by her help from the outside will not come. The West, just like Putin in his time, is doomed only to observe what is happening, as the motivation for its "help" to Ukraine in fact is no different from that of Putin’s one.
In the near future, sovereign Ukraine will restore its territorial integrity and will never again be anyone's mandated or controlled territory. In the future, it will become a key element in the formation of the civilizational unity of Europe.
In the meantime, the Ukrainians themselves have to engage in the formation of their state. Europe and the United States can help Ukraine, and this will weigh in their favor, but only on condition that they renounce the secret plans for its enslavement, plunder and seizure of resources. Such is the will of the Creator, and He always has the last word.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-06-06 05:38 pm

About Those Who Want to be the First Among Equals

 О желающих «быть первыми» среди равных




In order to give a correct assessment of the current events in Ukraine and Syria, one should recall what preceded them in the near past:
1. In exchange for curtailing its presence in the Middle East, Russia received from the West the guarantees of non-interference in any of its actions in the "zone of influence" that extended to the entire post-Soviet space. For Europe and the United States it was more advantageous to deal with Moscow as a single center controlling the territory of the former USSR than with a bunch of the uncontrolled republics. For the same reason, they did not interfere with the revival of the Russian empire, which was to begin with the annexation of Ukraine.
2. The Kremlin and its fifth column’s attempts to implement the Ukraine's "peaceful entry" into the Russian Federation, despite the active support of the Ukrainian authorities, had no success, but provoked the emergence of the Maidans in 2004 and 2014. President Yanukovich’s flight from the country forced Putin to resort to the forceful scenario of annexation of Ukraine, which began with the occupation of the Crimea, but, for the reasons remaining unexplained, was never completed.
3. The G-7 countries did not take any active action against the aggressor, believing that the annexation would be implemented in next to no time. Not knowing the true reasons for Russia's refusal to engage in a full-scale invasion of the continental part of Ukraine, they suggested that it withdraws its troops from the 50-kilometer border zone in order to exhaust the conflict and pacify the world community. Putin promised to remove the troops, but did not do this, which forced the United States and Europe to condemn Russia's aggressive actions in order to maintain their images of peace supporters.
4. The Maidan of 2014 became a threat on a global scale to the Power’s institution formed by the System, since it challenged the very meaning of its existence by proposing a new concept of societal management, the main parameters of which are the product of its participants’ lively creativity. Its essence consists in replacing the current institutions of power which stand over the society with the people’s self-government based on their self-organization. The military and the civil volunteers’ movements in Ukraine became a weighty confirmation of its effectiveness.
5. The oligarchs of Ukraine and Russia, with the support of the West’s elite, came out as a united front against the ideas of self-government. The usurpation of power exercised by Turchinov and Yatsenyuk within the walls of the Verkhovna Rada after Yanukovych's flight was the first step towards extermination of the Maidan. The presidential election completed the process of gaining "legitimacy from the people" by the new government.  Well, things would be all fine and dandy, but in consequence of the joint efforts by Russian special services and Yanukovich’s bandits on the eve of the Maidan, the country’s government apparatus was destroyed because of its uselessness for the powers that be, as far as according to their plans the Ukrainian state would cease to exist after the "peaceful entry" into the unitary and indivisible Russia. Scilicet this circumstance also became the reason of incapacity of the present authority of Ukraine that has not received from its predecessors the necessary tool for realization of the imperious powers.
6. The possibility of emergence in Ukraine of the power controlled by the West and the Russian Federation was originally considered by the "anti-Maidan coalition’s" participants as a reserve option, since no one doubted that Russia would be able to annex Ukraine in a matter of hours. The fact that this did not happen became an unpleasant surprise not only for Putin, but also for his friends from among the G7 leaders. The first plunged into adventure in the Donbass in order to understand what was happening to his army, while his "friends" began to "pacify" the parties to the conflict through organization of the negotiations in Minsk. All participants in the "peace process" were least worried about Ukraine's interests and in fact solved the task of saving the image of the Russian president. The Ukrainian government did not become an exception, as its interests coincided in many respects with Putin's interests.
The yesterday's participants of the Maidan have become the military and civil volunteers, who represented a real threat to the current regime. That was why the powers that be had to stop their offensive in the Donbass, which threatened to drive the aggressor out of the country. So, there was an idea of organizing a "cauldron" [i.e. entrapment] near Ilovaysk, which was to become a weighty argument in favor of abandoning the military volunteers' offensive actions. There were no "convincing" losses among the volunteers, although the "pro-Russian" command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (the AFU) did everything possible for this. The volunteers realized that they were simply "sold-out", and therefore began to rely more on themselves, so another "cauldron" near Debaltsevo did not take them by surprise.
According to president Poroshenko, overall strength of the Ukrainian army at the time of Russian aggression did not exceed 6,000 people, who couldn’t significantly interfere with the aggressor. So, removing the volunteers from the front, the authorities helped the Russian troops to freely expand the occupied territories. The next step in the fight against the volunteer’s formations was the decision to subordinate them to the leadership of the AFU or other law enforcement agencies in accordance with the “Minsk Agreements.” The process of withdrawing the volunteers from the front lines and their subsequent disarmament began. The only thing was that this action did not lead to the expected effect on the line of combat contact between the warring parties. The Ukrainian government has created all the conditions for Russia to be able to freely arrange a land corridor to the Crimea, but the latter is in no hurry to take advantage of this opportunity.
Proceeding from the above, one can conclude that the desires of the participants in the events do not always coincide with their capabilities. However much the Ukrainian authorities would like to organize together with the Russian president a "frozen conflict" in the Donbass, but this is not in their competence. Neither party controls the situation in the conflict zone. The process is somewhat reminiscent of the state of affairs in Libya. Ukrainian partisans will be exterminating the enemy and its accomplices in the Donbass, what they have been already doing during the entire period of the occupation, while the Ukrainian army will be observing the "Minsk agreements", which can only be described as  a betrayal of the country’s interests. Contrary to the statements of the authorities concerning increasing the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian army, the lion's share of funds goes to the formation and arming of the police units, as they prepare for the future battles with its people. The "boiling point" is approaching, and soon there’ll come blow-up. The only thing is that the authorities cannot survive in this fight. The Donbass has already backfired on Europe, and this is only the beginning. The flow of refugees will increase, and with them there will appear insoluble problems. "For all the good" one should thank the "peacekeepers", Merkel and Olland.
Putin is looking for answers to his questions in Syria. Unlike in the Donbass, there still fly its aviation and cruise missiles, but that's for now. Contrary to the desire of the Russian president, in Syria, his army can prove to be effective only in the fight against the ISIS’ formations, while support of Bashar Assad’s regime may turn into the second Donbass. The Syrian people must solve themselves their own internal problems.
The time of "tough guys" in the world politics has passed. Now any aggressor can get a scolding. Putin and his regime will be an example for all those who want to be “primus inter pares.”

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-05-21 03:24 pm

If I Can't Have It, Neither Can You* (Если не съем, так понадкусываю)



Since the seizure of the Crimea, the world perplexedly observes the actions of Russia, which, possessing a powerful and well-armed army, for some reason does not hurry to use it for the annexation of Ukraine. Why should one need a local conflict in the Donbass, if it is possible to get the whole country at once?
The idea of ​​a hybrid war was born in the inflamed minds of military analysts because of the illogicality of what was happening. For certain reason they think that they are dealing with some kind of insidious plan of the Russian president.
In fact, everything that happens in the ATO zone is explained quite simply, if one assumes and accepts as a given that the Russian military confronted with an objective reason that doesn’t allow them to implement the original plan for Ukraine's annexation. In such a case, we are watching their attempts to find a way out of the situation created, and not to implement certain strategic plan. Putin reacts to what is happening, but doesn’t control it.
The occupation of part of the Donbass’ territory led to the Russian army’s colossal losses and made the continuation of the conflict absurd. It becomes obvious that someone incomparably stronger and possessing opportunities beyond the limits of human understanding, makes it clear to the political leadership of Russia that it needs to act adequately to the situation that has arisen. Namely, to abandon aggressive aspirations towards Ukraine, withdraw troops from the occupied territories, including the Crimea, and compensate for the damage caused. 
Otherwise, the Libyan scenario awaits Russia, and the Russian president will share the fate of Colonel Gaddafi. And this will be done by the hands of the Russians themselves, while the West will only observe what is happening from the outside.
What is the strength of any authority? It is its ability to effectively control the people, in relation to whom it realizes its powers of authority and the ability to subordinate their will to its interests. The overthrow of power becomes inevitable if the people cease to obey it. That is why the power doesn’t disdain any means to control the people and keep them in its dependency.
Controllability of people is ensured at the stage of formation, education and training of the younger generation. The forthcoming battles power wins already behind the school desks, when it trains future revolutionaries. Following the received knowledge and the "historical experience", they inevitably suffer defeat, since it is impossible to defeat the System by the methods and means it offers.
The people's confidence in the inviolability of the System’s existence is based on the assumption that there are no methods and means on the Earth with the help of which it would be possible to "reprogram" a person at the level of his/her basic knowledge and ideas. So it was until recently. States and their rulers are only bargaining chips on the chessboard for those who actually manage the community of people on a planetary scale. The System was created by them and works for them.
If during the events of the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia and Egypt, and then in Libya, there was carried out only approbation of the methods of controlling large masses of people by forming motivation for their actions, in Ukraine we witnessed a different process.
Thus, changes in the basic knowledge and ideas of a person at the level of beliefs gave him/her not only a qualitatively different system of values, but also made him/her an active and motivated participant in events. This means that the whole of humankind is no longer controlled by the System, and it is not able to predict the people’s actions.
Those who are trying to exercise their authority over the people of Ukraine can no longer subordinate them to their will. The power in fact proved to be incompetent. This can be confirmed by the absence of announced reforms in the country. This also applies to the army. The declaration of intent did not add weapons, ammunition and did not improve the supply of the AFU’s (Armed Forces of Ukraine) units in the conflict zone. The power doesn’t see any sense in the counteroffensive of our troops in order to liberate the occupied territories, and prefers to surrender them to the enemy on its own terms.
According to the Minsk agreements, the president of Ukraine has done everything to ensure that Putin can get unhinderedly what was promised to him. Meanwhile, he is nervous and waiting, when the Russian troops finally occupy the Donetsk and Lugansk regions within their administrative borders. But only the expectations of the Russian president are vain, because he cannot do this for the same reason that the full-scale invasion of the Russian troops and the annexation of all Ukraine failed.
Putin did not have much trouble "persuading" oligarch Poroshenko to go on betraying the interests of the state thereby showing the Ukrainians whom they elected as their president. It was this goal that he pursued when he gave his consent to the negotiations in Minsk. He controlled Yanukovych and now no less successfully controls the new "guarantor", showing the world the corrupt essence of the Ukrainian power. 
This is the whole of Putin: if I can't have it, neither can you. Of course, he can place all the military potential of Russia in the occupied territories, but what is the use of modern weapons, if those who use it are under full control of the "enemy", and this opponent is not Ukrainians?
Many in Ukraine believe that we cannot win without the help of the West, but this is far from being true. With faith in the soul and with God in the heart, the volunteers convincingly proved that they are able not only to defeat the enemy, but also to drive him out of the native land.
The outcome of battles depends on people, not on the quantity and the quality of the weapons used. There are many evidences to this, but they are not an argument for the Ukrainian power, which prefers to agree even with the very devil if it is about its survival.
The avalanche begins with the inconspicuous movement of several stones. Ukraine is only a visualization of the processes that embraced the whole of humanity. It's hard to catch a change in yourself, if everything around you changes with you at the same time. Humankind is on the path to recovery, and the One, who initiated this process, will take care that nothing prevents its successful completion.

The title of this article in Russian Если не съем, так понадкусываю comes from the Ukrainian original, the proverb Якщо не з'їм, то понадкуcюю, which has no the direct analogue in English and literally means If I cannot eat something up, then I'll take a bite all over it. This statement very explicitly describes greed. Of course, the expression is not necessarily applicable to food. Its meaning is as follows: I’ll rather spoil something than permit someone else get it, even if I don’t need it at all. The article’s title in English If I Can't Have It, Neither Can You conveys scilicet this meaning.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-05-19 05:41 pm

The Self-Preservation Instinct (Инстинкт самосохранения)



The basic instinct of any power is the instinct of self-preservation. The Power is the core of the System, and the State in its current form is an instrument for its implementation. The power deliberately not only associates, but also identifies itself with the state, and therefore positions the threat to its existence as the anti-state activity. In order to survive, it needs to protect itself.
It was no coincidence that Lenin taught his companions that ‘no revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself.’ These words of the world revolution’s leader reveal the real underlying reason of the "irreconcilable" confrontation between communism and capitalism as an artificial conflict that is presented to the world by the System, which professes the principle of "divide and rule". Thus, the system, like a chess player, who plays both white and black figures at one time, ensures the protection of the social institution of the power as such, for its purpose is to conceal from humanity that there is no place for it in the Creator's Providence.
The nature of the power is characterized by the fact that the issue of its replacement should be considered a regular and natural phenomenon. Any authority wants to create in the minds of those over whom it realizes its powers, the illusion of its thoroughness and durability. Usually power is exercised by a small group of people, aware of the precariousness of their position in the state, and therefore preparing conditions and ways to exit from it while preserving the wealth acquired during the reign.
The mechanism of "succession" allows for the transfer of the power from one group to another without the use of force. In the Western countries, this process is of civilized character, when the "groups of influence" consistently implement powers of authority, and the teams of their substitutors stay on the "bench", waiting for their turn.
In the process of realizing imperial ambitions, Russia's power was transformed into the dictatorship of the cooperative "Lake". The return to the former succession became impossible, which required the creation of another mechanism to ensure immunity for the current authorities and their property in case of a fall of the regime.
For this purpose, the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russiaarranged so that a person controlled by it guaranteedly would become the leader of the protest movement in the country and later could pretend to the post of president. Alexei Navalny was nominated on this role.
Young and inexperienced, but with great ambitions, he clearly loses in all ways to the old opposition politicians, who previously tasted power, but this is not important, because in the Navalny’s "support group" there are invisibly present the power and the capabilities of Russia's special services that will eliminate all obstacles on his way.
Their first victim was Boris Nemtsov. His death is a warning to those who only yesterday saw themselves at the head of the protest movement of Russia and were eager to return to power.
If Putin arranges "controlled chaos" on the territory of neighboring states, what can keep him from organizing a "managed revolution" inside his own country?
The president of Russia and his accomplices have a tool for the exercise of the powers of authority in the form of government apparatus, but unlike them Ukrainian authority doesn’t have it, and because of that it has to imitate teeming activity that cannot continue for long. The lack of implementation of the managerial decisions is already evident, which naturally worries Western investors. The habit of lying makes people of the power hide its incapacity in the hope that the destroyed government apparatus will miraculously work again.
But the miracle doesn’t happen, and the criminal inactivity of the powers that be threatens with serious consequences to the country's economy and defense capability. The people of the power in Ukraine have neither knowledge nor skills nor opportunities for the restoration of the state apparatus of government, and they will have to bow to the statesmen of the West, so that they build a new state apparatus in the country, but this once of the colonial type, as it was done in India or Australia.
In such a Ukraine, the current power will not have place because of its corruption and incompetence. That is why it considers only those options that will ensure the possibility of its preservation. For example, the same "decentralization in Ukrainian" can lead to the formation of vassal territories, which will provide for the central government in exchange for "lawlessness" of the local criminal authorities. Fortunately, on the ground, all the functionaries from the former Party of Regions remained and operate to the utmost extent.
Who said that only the power is able and can govern the state? There is also such a form of state structure, as the government by the people, based on the principles of self-government. If the authorities are preoccupied with their own well-being, then self-government takes care of the problems of the state, optimizing all managerial processes on the basis of expediency and effectiveness.
At one time, the Maidan put forward the concept of building statehood in Ukraine on the basis of self-organization, self-government and self-defense. According to this concept, the only source of the government by the people is the National Assembly or the Veche, which is elects and empowers a committee designed to create government bodies on the basis of expediency and effectiveness. Under its leadership, there should be conducted on a competitive basis recruitment of specialists to all institutions and management bodies. Public control will make it possible to forget about such a phenomenon as corruption.
Self-organization has already proved its effectiveness in the tandem of civil volunteer movement plus self-defense based on volunteer military detachments. They stopped the Russian aggression in the east of the country. Therefore, the volunteers are considered jointly by the powers that be in Ukraine and Russia as a mortal threat to the very institution of the power, and therefore are subject to physical extermination.
The command of the Ukrainian army, in view of its incompetence and lack of professionalism, turned out to be completely unprepared for conducting military operations in the east of Ukraine and providing the units with everything necessary, which only confirms the absence of real state control in this sphere.
Apparently, for this reason, there is growing dissatisfaction among the commanders of the units, because they themselves have to coordinate and organize joint actions on a network principle, as it happened during the withdrawal of troops from the "cauldron" near Debaltsevo.
Fighters on the front line need modern weapons, but they cannot get it because the go-betweeners are "merchants from the army." Obviously, therefore, the US government doesn’t dare to supply modern weapons to Ukraine, since there is a big risk that Ukrainian functionaries will immediately sell it to Russian "business partners".
The Russian army occupied part of the country's territory, carrying death and destruction, and the Ukrainian government continues to trade with the aggressor, while demanding the imposition of sanctions against Russia on the part of the world community.
This is the state of affairs. But not everything is that bad as it seems. The Russian authorities should take a closer look at the chronicle of developments during the "Arab Spring", when, by the will of the Creator, an apolitical and inertial population, as a result of consciousness’ control at the level of motivation, turned into well-organized detachments that carried out the overthrow of the power.
It is also worth to look at those who were called to protect the power. They were turned into unmurmuring herd, incapable of resistance. And all this happened despite the fact that it was about professionals of high qualification.
Something similar is happening now in the war zone in the east of Ukraine, and in the near future will take place in Russia. Those whom the power pegs as a herd will turn into highly effective soldiers, while the soldiers, called to protect it, will repeat the fate of those who didn’t cope with such a task during the "Arab spring".
The current Ukrainian power should have taken an interest in the true causes of the fall of Yanukovych's regime and the incapacity of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff) and the FSB agent network in Ukraine since the annexation of the Crimea.
Nothing happens by itself, and every event has its own author. Nature abhors a vacuum. Those wishing to take credit for other people's merits are as plentiful as fish in the sea, but the problem is that only the author is able to repeat the action many times with the desired result. So the continuation follows...

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-05-14 05:49 am

The Revolution of Dignity (Революция достоинства)



As things go nowadays,  to tell the fortune isn't worth the effort. Nevertheless, the Russian president decided that it was the right time to revive the great and indivisible empire, if not within the boundaries of the spheres of influence established in Yalta by the "Big Three", then at least within the borders of the once mighty USSR. This is a complicated and troublesome matter, and therefore the Russian special services began active preparatory work on the territory of the former Soviet republics’ successor-States. The strategy of its implementation, based on the concept of Russia's right to control the adjacent territories right up to the scale of the whole planet, was developed by the leading scientific institutions, including the Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian analytical centers since the early 1990s.
Adherents of the concept consider the process of concentration of the said control as objective, which means that it cannot be either "canceled" or "banned". Russia, in their opinion, today has a theoretical substantiation for such a process, the so-called Concept of public security, which they see as a unifying idea for the peoples of the world. In their understanding, this is a model for building an allegedly just and happy society, as well as the path of human development in accordance with the Higher Reason.
In fact, the Kremlin was not at all concerned with the arrangement of a happy life for 
the humankind, but with the advancement of its "Russian world", the arrival of which it "made happy" the population of the annexed Crimea and the occupied part of the Donbass, to the territories of other countries. The authorities of the Russian Federation, which is the legal successor to the former USSR, considered the entire post-Soviet space to be its sphere of interest, and therefore began to make happy its neighbors by imposing willy-nilly "friendship and mutual assistance" treaties on the formerly fraternal republics that had become independent states. These treaties signed in the 90-s with the mentioned statesas well as with Ukraine, were, in fact, just an operation to cover the expansionist intentions of the Kremlin towards them. It is characteristic that their conclusion was accompanied by the deployment by the Kremlin of their limited military contingents in the territory of these states as a guarantee of its own geopolitical interests.
Ukraine, the only country that did not have a contingent of Russian ground forces on its territory, remained an important, but due to this circumstance, a weak link in Putin's plans to revive the "great and indivisible", although on the Crimean Peninsula there was a part of the ships and personnel of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, which number could reach 25 thousand people. The reason for the absence  of Russia’s ground forces contingent on the continental part of Ukraine is still a closely guarded secret
Further, the Kremlin compensated for the lack of a contingent of its ground forces as a lever of influence by using in this capacity Yanukovych's pro-Russian regime, which assumed the function of ensuring the process of Ukraine's "peaceful" entry into the Russian Federation, having fully placed the state administration apparatus and the state power block under the control of Russian special services.
By the end of 2013, it seemed to Yanukovych that all the components necessary for the successful accomplishment of the task were present at hand, and Putin could begin reuniting the "Russian lands". However, circumstances often prove to be stronger than a person, and the "peace" plan was transformed into the annexation of Ukraine with the use of armed forces.
The Russian president quite reasonedly believed that neither the US nor Europe would interfere with the implementation of his plans, because in the recent past they also have "sinned" in this way. So, it happened that when the occupied Crimea became a part of the Russian Federation, the world community stoked up with popcorn in anticipation of the annexation of continental Ukraine.
According to the current Ukrainian president, at the time of the expected large-scale invasion, our army numbered 6,000 fighters who could hardly resist the power of the Russian military machine.

Nevertheless, for  reasons undefined, the obvious did not happen, and the Russian army preferred to stamp off at the border with Ukraine, shorting time in the exercises of various levels. Well, it just so happened that they wanted to do their job better than usual, but it turned out even worse than ever, because, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The world public, watching the inaction of the Russian army, began to murmur on the sly, obviously not understanding the reasons and 
the logic of this scenario. It is quite understandable, because the Russian side has announced its intentions and goals, it has a modern and well-armed army, but there are no actions, and defenseless Ukraine, despite the apparent superiority of forces in favor of the aggressor, continues to exist. Nonsense. The only acceptable explanation for the hardened materialists is that Putin changed his mind. Sometimes it happens so. But in such cases it is still better to remember another truth: God is God’s, and Caesar is Caesar's.
It is interesting that further development of events also doesnt succumb to logic. Why was it necessary to use the project "Novorossiya", if the army, capable of capturing the whole of Europe in a few hours, is at hand? It will also have to be written off on the whim of the Russian president, though his military actions are more like the behavior of a hungry wolf who tries to enter the room where the sheep are, but something does not allow him to do it.
Apparently, they are engaged in the search for a "weak spot" in the defense of the enemy, but this is possible only if it is much stronger, and this clearly does not apply to the Ukrainian army that opposes them in the AT
O zone. It's strange all this.
Ukrainian volunteers cannot "grind" 
down the elite units of the "Uncle Vasya's troops.["Uncle Vasya's troops" (in Russian «войска дяди Васи») is a Russian military slang nickname derived from the abbreviation ВДВ i.e. воздушно-десантные войска which is equivalent for American abbreviation AFE i.e. Airborne Forces Establishment]It doesn’t work that way, because it is contranatural.  Nevertheless this really happens, although the ratio of the sides’ number of deaths doesnt lend itself to a logical explanation.
There became indicative the losses of the Russian elite spetsnaz subunit  “Vympel” (Pendant) in the battle for the Donetsk airport: 32 fighters in one fight, although during 33 years of its existence, Vympel lost only 29 people.
The Russian president
 reasonably suspects Poroshenko of the insincerity of his intentions. Maybe it's for the better? After all, the Ukrainian president is ready to negotiate with Putin on any terms, since he is also not pleased with such circumstances, especially because he has nothing to do with what is happening.
The Minsk agreements are on everyone's lips, but no one knows the true terms of the agreements, although it is obvious that the Ukrainian president has surrendered everything he could to satisfy Putin's appetites. No wonder
 that when the cyborgs (the Ukrainian soldiers called so for their bravery and adamancy) developed a successful offensive at the Donetsk airport, the brave generals Muzhenko and Poltorak rushed there to stop it, because it threatened the very necessity of the Minsk agreements.
It's good that none of the powers 
that be of the two countries control the development of the situation, and the Ukrainian military and volunteers continue to smash the enemy, causing it irreparable damage.
It seems that only the Ukrainian people are interested in victory over the enemy and its expulsion from the country. There is such time now, when the secrets becomes clear, and the events develop against the wishes of the powers that be in both countries.
Do not forget that it is not good to put things in order in someone else's house without asking permission from the 
Host. That is why there will be no agreements, but the liberation of the occupied territories, and after it – the Ukrainian people’s "heart to heart" conversation with the "new authority", which will understand that it is not the big cheese on this Feast of life. Neither the US, nor Europe, nor Russia will be able to prevent the forthcoming "thorough conversation".
Ukraine will be a sovereign and independent State, and not a colony of 
the "movers and shakers", to which its current authority wants to turn. The "Revolution of dignity" is coming, the people are awakening from a dream, imbued by the "sirens of power".
The Maidan and the coup d'etat that followed it were just 
the revolution’s prelude. It will not be possible for the Ukrainian president to save the image and the face of Putin, who believes that he became the victim of the "world power brokers’" conspiracy. Soon he will not be up to the "NATO volunteer legions", as the "Russian spring" will begin. It promises to be no less stormy and effective than the "Arab" one.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-05-08 07:18 am

Боливар не выдержит двоих (Bolivar Cannot Carry Double)


Не секрет, что избрание Трампа новым президентом США ознаменовало собой смену вектора развития человеческого сообщества, которое до недавних пор уверенно шло по пути глобализации мировой экономики, а теперь пребывает в состоянии неуверенности и неопределённости относительно своего ближайшего будущего. 
Те, кто еще три года назад уверенно реализовывал свои властные полномочия в планетарном масштабе, по непонятным для остальных участников процесса причинам перестали это делать через ежегодные собрания Бильдербергского клуба и на данный момент никак не обозначают явным образом своего присутствия. Назовём условно этих людей «управленцами» и отметим тот факт, что они поступили так не по доброй воле, а в связи со сложившимися обстоятельствами.
Причиной тому послужили действия Создателя по реализации Его Промысла на Земле. Вероятно, новому поколению «управленцев», как и большинству людей, сложно поверить в существование Создателя, но реальность происходящего неумолимо подтверждает факт Его присутствия здесь и сейчас.
Создатели Системы заранее побеспокоились о том, чтобы заложить в сознание людей в процессе их формирования и обучения стойкую реакцию неприятия по отношению к Триединой Сущности, на случай её появления на Земле. Откуда им было знать, что Создатель может войти в сознание любого человека и изменить его по Своему усмотрению. Так что в нужный момент «управленцы» оказались не готовыми к Его приходу. Не думаю, что они имеют хотя бы приблизительное представление о том, Кому пытаются противостоять. Вполне ожидаемым со стороны «управленцев» стал запуск в действие программы «управляемый хаос», которая по их замыслу неизбежно должна привести к Третьей мировой войне. «Альфа-самцы» во главе двух ядерных сверхдержав тому подтверждение, ведь «Боливар не выдержит двоих». 
Судя по поведению Путина и Трампа, расчет оказался верным, и их смертельное противостояние неизбежно повлечет за собой катастрофу планетарного масштаба. Пока что американский президент лишь осваивается на новом месте, но скоро он ощутит вкус власти и не будет ни в чем уступать Путину по части авантюрности принимаемых решений. 
Но человек лишь предполагает, а Создатель располагает. Так что все планы «управленцев» обречены на провал.
Тот факт, что недавно упала очередная баллистическая ракета Северной Кореи, а спустя некоторое время был произведен успешный запуск американской, вовсе не означает, что вторая лучше первой или любой российской. Оснастите их боеголовками и попробуйте использовать против воли Создателя и тогда увидите результат. Всё, что существует в этом мире и за его пределами, может быть использовано Создателем в качестве инструмента для реализации Его намерений.
Недавнее происшествие с российским кораблём-разведчиком в Босфоре яркий тому пример. Даже наличие на борту сразу нескольких систем раннего обнаружения не спасло его от столкновения с перевозившим скот судном, в результате которого он пошел ко дну,  а протаранивший его корабль остался невредимым. Если это будет необходимо Создателю, то любое военное судно под любым флагом может повторить его судьбу.
Я не открою большой тайны, если скажу, что «управленцы» намеренно решили через приход во власть США Трампа вернуть этой стране статус «мирового жандарма», но умным американским военным стратегам следовало бы вспомнить горький опыт кампании в Ливии и посмотреть на то, что происходит с российской армией на Донбассе в наши дни. Стоит ли следовать за «слепым поводырём», дабы опять наступить на те же грабли?
Люди вынуждены одновременно пребывать в двух мирах. Один из них, преисполненный множеством нерешенных проблем, является миром реальным, в котором присутствуют их боль, страдания, отчаяние и редкая радость. А другой  – это мир иллюзий, созданный Системой в сознании людей, в котором всё хорошее происходит с кем-то другим, а им остаётся надежда и «американская мечта», так как свой выбор они могут осуществить только в реальном мире и лишь из того, что предложат им власть предержащие. 
Процесс изменения сознания людей, инициированный Создателем, призван разрушить мир иллюзий и вернуть их в реальный мир, который является не только средой обитания, но и местом, в котором они смогут реализовать свои самые смелые мечты. Созданные «по образу и подобию» не должны влачить жалкое существование в качестве рабов у тех, кто захотел возвыситься среди равных через унижение себе подобных. С ними у Создателя будет короткий разговор и, возможно, с печальным исходом, ибо сколько волка не корми, а он всё равно в лес смотрит. 
Европа также не осталась без внимания со стороны «управленцев». Брексит, хакерские атаки на серверы одного из кандидатов во время президентских выборов во Франции, теракты, потоки беженцев из Африки и Ближнего Востока, а также масса других проблем – это в реальной жизни, а в виртуальной – сплоченная Европа, стоящая на страже общеевропейских ценностей, готовая к любым вызовам. И это в то время, когда война идёт у самого порога европейского дома.
Военная мощь НАТО на поверку оказалась мифом, ведь для её поддержания и наращивания требуются средства, а государства-члены Альянса не спешат выделять их из своих бюджетов. Вот и приходится идти на поклон к США, дабы те защитили восточные рубежи Европы от возможной агрессии со стороны российской армии, разместив там свои системы ПВО и военный контингент.
Если отбросить необоснованные амбиции власть предержащих всех стран мира, то не сложно понять, что они являются всего лишь фигурами на мировой шахматной доске в партии, которую разыгрывают всё те же «управленцы». Они придумали правила игры и делегируют своим «фигурам» властные полномочия.
В реальном мире люди подчиняются силе и служат только ей, а в виртуальном – царит демократия, возможны честные выборы, а основным носителем власти является народ. Вот только нужна власть народу, как кобыле седло.
Не лучше обстоят дела и в Украине. Президент с грустью в голосе объявил о том, что на счетах в банках страны нашли полтора миллиарда долларов, которые якобы принадлежат фигурантам свергнутого режима Януковича. Возможно, причиной его грусти стали дотошные спецслужбы и фискальные органы Запада, которые сообщили о том, что знают о существовании вышеупомянутых счетов и кому в действительности они принадлежат. Да и с чего бы власть предержащим радоваться, если приходится возвращать в бюджет страны средства, которые они из него же лихо умыкнули. Это произошло в реальном мире, где процветает тотальная коррупция, идёт война, а народ находится на грани выживания. 
В виртуальном мире команда президента Украины проводит успешные реформы, борется с коррупцией и вместе с европейскими мечтателями от власти обещает принудить Россию и её ставленников на оккупированных территориях выполнять принятые в Минске мирные договорённости. 
Вероятно, и так называемая «гибридная война» является изобретением умников, пребывающих в виртуальном мире, а оккупированные территории являются всего лишь зоной проведения антитеррористической операции (АТО), где любой украинский военный или доброволец может быть осуждён по законам мирного времени, если по какой-то причине он не угодил нынешней власти. 
А пока суд да дело, на линии разграничения противоборствующих сторон ежедневно гибнут или  получают увечья украинские военные в результате обстрела из запрещенных минскими соглашениями тяжелых вооружений российской армии, которой там как бы и нет. Правда происходит всё это в реальном мире, а вот в виртуальном – всё в шоколаде, и  по факту имеем «замороженный конфликт».
Благо сознание простых украинцев потихоньку учится отличать события реального мира от тех, что происходят в мире виртуальном, и адекватно реагировать на них. Этот процесс не под силу остановить ни власть предержащим, ни «управленцам».


It is no secret that the election of Trump as the new President of the USA marked a change in the vector of the development of humanity that until recently confidently pursued the path to globalization of the world economy, and now is in a condition of diffidence and uncertainty about its near future.
Those, who only three years ago confidently realized their authority on a planetary scale, for reasons unknown to the other participants of the process, have stopped doing this through the Bilderberg Club’s  annual meetings and at the moment do not clearly indicate their presence. Let's conditionally call these people the "managers" [aka global power brokers mentioned in 
It's High Time for Them to Gather Stones(] and note the fact that they did so not on goodwill, but in connection with the current circumstances.
The reason for this was the Creator's actions intended for realization of His Providence on the Earth. Probably, the new generation of the "managers", like most people, finds it hard to believe in the existence of the Creator, but the reality of what is happening implicitly confirms the fact of His presence here and now.
The founders of the System took pains in advance to put into the minds of people in the process of their formation and training a strong reaction of rejection towards the Triune Entity, in case of Its appearance on the Earth. How could they know that the Creator can enter the consciousness of any person and change it at His discretion? So, the "managers" appeared to be not ready with due time for His coming. I think that they don’t have even a slightest idea of  ​​Who they are trying to resist. It was quite expected that the "managers" would launch the program of "controlled chaos", which according to their plan should inevitably lead to the Third World War. The "alpha-males" at the head of the two nuclear superpowers is the proof of this, as far as “Bolivar cannot carry double."
Judging by the behavior of Putin and Trump, the calculation turned out to be correct, and their deadly confrontation will inevitably entail a catastrophe of a planetary scale. At present, the US President is just mastering a new place, but soon he will feel the taste of power and not yield to Putin as to the adventurousness of the decisions made. But as it is said, man only proposes, and the Creator disposes. That is why all the "managers’" plans are doomed to failure.
The fact that the successive  North Korean ballistic missile has recently fallen, while after some time there was made a successful launch of the American missile, does not at all mean that the second is better than the first one or any Russian ballistic missile. Go equip them with the warheads and try to use against the will of the Creator, and then you’ll see the result. Everything that exists in this world and beyond can be used by the Creator as a tool for the realization of His intentions.
Recent incident with Russian reconnaissance ship in the Bosporus is a striking example of this. Even the presence of several early detection systems on board did not save it from a collision with the ship that carried the cattle, as a result of which Russian ship went underwater, and the ship that had rammed it remained unscathed. If it is necessary for the Creator, then any military vessel under any flag can repeat its fate.
I won’t reveal a big secret if I say that the "managers" deliberately decided to return America the status of the "world gendarme" through Trump’s entering the US imperious Olympus,  but smart American military strategists should recall the bitter experience of the campaign in Libya and look at what is happening with the Russian army in the Donbass today. Is it worth following the "blind guide" in order to again step on the same rake?
People are forced to simultaneously abide in two worlds. One of them, full of many unsolved problems, is a real world in which their pain, suffering, despair and rare joy are present. And the other one is a world of the illusions created by the System in the minds of people, in which everything good happens to someone else, and for them there remains  nothing else but hope and  the "American dream", since they can make their choice only in the real world and only from what the powers that be will offer them.
The initiated by the Creator process of changing the consciousness of the people is intended to destroy the world of illusions and return them to the real world, which is not only their habitat, but also a place where they can realize their boldest dreams. The ones created "in the image and likeness" should not drag out a miserable existence as slaves for those who wanted to rise among equals through humiliation of their own kind. With them, the Creator will have a short conversation and, perhaps, with a sad outcome, for once a wolf always a wolf.
Europe was not also left without the "managers’" attention. Brexit, hacker attacks on the servers of one of the candidates during the presidential elections in France, terrorist attacks, refugee flows from Africa and the Middle East, as well as a lot of other problems – this is in real life, and in a virtual one – a united Europe, guarding the common European values, ready to withstand any challenges. And this is at a time when the war is at the very threshold of the European home.
In fact, the NATO's military power turned out to be a myth, because for its maintenance and growth there are required funds and the Alliance member states are not in a hurry to allocate them from their budgets. That is why the Europeans have to go hat in hand to the United States, so that they defend the eastern borders of Europe from Russian army’s possible aggression, deploying their air defense systems and military contingent there.
If we cast the unjustified ambitions of the powers that be in all the countries of the world, then it’s not difficult to understand that they are just the figures on the world chessboard in the party that the same "managers" are playing. They came up with the rules of the game and now delegate the powers of authority to their "figures". 
In the real world, people subordinate to the force and serve only to it, and in the virtual world there reigns democracy, fair elections are possible, and people are the main bearer of the power. The only thing is that people need power as much as   the mare needs saddle.
The situation in Ukraine is no better either. The president with sadness in his voice announced that on the accounts in the banks of the country there found one and a half billion dollars, which allegedly belong to the milieu of Yanukovich overthrown regime’s persons of interest.  Perhaps, the cause of his sadness was the Western meticulous special services and fiscal authorities, which reported that they knew about the existence of the aforementioned accounts and to whom they really belonged. And why would the authorities be pleased if they had to return to the country's budget the funds that they had stolen away from it in a dashing way. This happened in the real world, where total corruption is flourishing, the war is going on, and the people are on the brink of survival.
In the virtual world, the team of the president of Ukraine carries out successful reforms, fights corruption and together with European dreamers from power, promises to compel Russia and its henchmen in the occupied territories to fulfill the peace agreements signed in Minsk.
Probably, the so-called "hybrid war" is the invention of clever people who are abiding in the virtual world, and the occupied territories are just a zone for carrying out an anti-terrorist operation (ATO), where any Ukrainian military or volunteer can be for any reason convicted under peacetime laws if he/she  didn’t please the current authorities.
And in the meantime, on the line of delimitation of the warring sides, the Ukrainian military perish daily or get injured as a result of the shelling of the heavy weapons of the Russian army, banned by the Minsk agreements, which presumably are not there. The truth is that all this happens in the real world, but in the virtual world “everything is in chocolate,” and in fact we have a "frozen conflict."
Luckily, the ordinary Ukrainians’ consciousness is gradually learning to distinguish the real world events from those that occur in the virtual world and adequately respond to them. It is beyond the power either of the authorities or the "managers" to stop this process.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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It's High Time for Them to Gather Stones

Пришло и для них время собирать камни



For many people, watching the processes that are taking place in Ukraine, there remains topical the question: is the emergence of new power a real embodiment of the intentions and the aspirations of the Maidan’s defenders? The answer is unequivocal – no! In fact, we witnessed the usurpation of power by a bunch of the adventurers, who obtained from the Maidan through fraudulent means the right to exercise power.
How did it happen that those who stood on the Maidan repeated the mistake of their predecessors of the times of the “orange revolution” and resignedly handed the power over to the crooks?

It is worth recalling that the essence of the current System of power consists in the forcible subordination of the majority to the interests of the minority. Those who stood on the Maidan were a part of this very "majority", to whom the power of the "minority" is needed no more than a horse needs whip and bridle.
The Maidan advocated for organizing the system of self-government in the country from top to bottom through the process of self-organization of the masses as the basis of true democracy in the state, a single and indivisible social institution based on a social contract ensuring the dignified existence for each and everyone. In such a system, the hierarchy of the power structures changes radically. If, for example, under the current Constitution, which establishes the division of power into legislative, executive and judicial, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the supreme body in the system of executive authorities, then in the above-mentioned system of self-government it will have the status of the supreme executive body of the people power. 

The defense of the country was supposed to be carried out by the self-defense forces created on the same principles.
The power in its present form appeared to be the tool that has remained unclaimed in the intended process of implementing the plans of the Maidan’s participants. Everything would go well if the Maidan declared itself or the People's Veche the only legitimate source of real people power in the country and only after that intrusted "those who want to steer" to form government bodies under its control, but it did not do this, thus depriving itself of the opportunity to control the process of exercising power in the future.
This was cleverly used by the new team of the System of power, which replaced Yanukovich's clique. Realizing the significance of the events in the political life of the country that were unfolding in the Independence Square, it sent a number of its representatives to the Maidan in order that with the support of the media they gain the status of leaders, who allegedly express and defend the ideals and interests of the people, and together with the said status – the legitimate right to speak on their behalf. Participants of the Maidan realized too late that Poroshenko, Turchinov, Yatseniuk, Parubiy, Avakov and Co. as the experienced "political surfers" in actual fact on the wave of popular protest dealt with the matters of preserving the System and their personal enrichment.

The gained from the Maidan legitimacy was to help these adventurers in getting from the people the right to power through holding elections, which they arranged after Yanukovich's escape. The election of the "people's" president made him independent of the possible Maidan’s influence, and the formation of a pro-presidential majority in the Verkhovna Rada strengthened the position on the "imperious Olympus" of both him personally and the political group supporting him. So, the team of successors of the previous guarantor of the Constitution considers, believing that having performed the ritual of "lawful entry into power", that its representatives received the means to realize the powers prescribed to them in a new capacity.
In reality, this is not the case. In practice, the apparatus of the state government is the nationwide instrument of implementation of the powers of authority but it was destroyed by the people of president Yanukovich with the assistance of the special services of Russia, which were preparing Ukraine for membership in the "unified and indivisible". Its functions at the time of the “transition period” were fulfilled by the institute of the so-called "observers" [the term "observer" comes from the criminal world (it is similar in general meaning to the term alpha-dog in the American criminal slang)established by the former guarantor of the Constitution. The specialists and the competent managers were dismissed, and their posts in the management apparatus were sold to those, who wanted buy them, and turned into the "feeding places" of the newly appointed functionaries. Scilicet in this form the political group that came to power has got it.
Similar metamorphoses have occurred with the bodies of the power structures’ administration, including the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service.
The new authorities simply do not have specialists, who could restore the working capacity of the destroyed administration apparatus. In its current condition, it resembles a driver, who has lost a car, but claims to participate in the race.
The oligarchs, frightened by the Maidan, are slowly coming to their senses, while the yesterday's "vanquished" enthusiastically take part in sharing power on the ground and generously finance the separatists in the ATO area.
Europe and the United States are also happy with the way the restoration of the System of power is underway in Ukraine, but they are aware of the precariousness of its position and are slow to invest in the restoration of the country's economy.
Now the powers that be are only imitating the exercise of the powers of authority, creating in the media the illusion of their own significance and effectiveness. True, the "successes" are noted only in the international affairs. And in the country itself there were no “successes” either back then, or now.
Ukraine, like under Yanukovych, remains a "Bermuda triangle", in which both the generous help of the West and the IMF loans disappear without a trace. The people of power, enjoining benefits of their position, have taken up the usual business. Namely, they returned to sharing-out the budget funds and re-privatizing the property of Yanukovich's "vanquished" supporters, while not forgetting to note that they are doing this for the good of the people and for the sake of the blessed memory of the "Heavenly Hundred."
Verbally, they are for the territorial integrity of the country and are even ready, like the president, to give up their lives for it or take a "bullet in the forehead," like former Prime Minister Yatseniuk.
Involuntarily there arises the question: where are those, who stood on the Maidan, and why are they sitting still for this "farce of power"? They, as befits true patriots, in the zone of carrying out of antiterrorist operation are protecting sovereignty and integrity of the country. 
The volunteer squads have created effective self-defense at the most critical moment of confrontation with the aggressor, when the army of the Ukrainian state destroyed by Yanukovich was unable to protect the country, and desperate volunteers managed to provide emergency supplies for the fighters with all the necessary, while demonstrating remarkable organizational abilities.
It was thanks to their efforts that the enemy was stopped and almost defeated, and even could be expelled from our country, if there was not the betrayal on the part of Poroshenko and Co., who preferred agreement with the enemy to victory and completion of the ATO.

The goal of the Ukrainian power grouping’s "peace-making" efforts and the agreements in Minsk is to "freeze" the conflict, while at the same time contribute to the extermination of those, who pose a threat to this grouping’s existence, holding them in the ATO zone.
Simultaneously, the powers that be are doing everything in order to disband the volunteer battalions and disperse their staff between the military and the police formations controlled by the authorities.
The Ilovaisk “couldron" [i.e. entrapment], which was organized by Putin in cahoots with Poroshenko, according to the plan of the accomplices, had to significantly reduce the number of the volunteers and at the same time confirm the inexpediency of using such formations in the zone of combat operations.
There is every reason to believe that there was an agreement with the Russian side on the volunteers, as evidenced by the revelations of Russian “spetsnaz” soldiers, who reported on the order from above to exterminate the “idea-driven" (i.e. volunteers) and not take them prisoner. According to the same order, the Ukrainian military conscripts and contract soldiers were to be released.

The 2014 Maidan has become a threat to the very existence of the System of power, not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, which united the both countries powers that be in an effort to maximally weaken its influence on society. The annexation of Ukraine by Russia would have allowed destroying all those who were involved in the Maidan, but for objective reasons it did not take place.
Negotiations in Minsk cemented this situational alliance between the powers that be of Ukraine and Russia, and the "freeze" of the conflict proved to be a profitable decision for both sides. Putin has got the opportunity to save his face, and Poroshenko has for a long time postponed the volunteers’ threat to the domination of his group. 
At the same time, the Russian side hopes to annex the occupied territories of the Donbass to the Russian Federation in the future. The Ukrainian authorities, however, decided to sacrifice part of the country's territory for their well-being.
So, the current line of confrontation threatens to turn into a border between Ukraine and Russia in the near future, while the Ukrainian power with the help of the Western partners will get a chance to form a battle-worthy army that it will need inside the country to suppress possible unrest directed against it.
I think that all these plans will not come true as it happened with Putin's plans for Ukraine. In this case, the result is important, and not how it will be achieved.

The military presence of the Russian Federation in any form in the occupied territory of the Donbass will entail destabilization of the situation within Russia itself with serious consequences for Putin and his accomplices among the powers that be. The process will go on increasing and embrace not only the population of the country, but also the army, which will lead to the destruction of the current regime and, possibly, the disintegration of the Russian Federation.
The Ukrainian authorities will also face a serious conversation with the volunteers, and it can be the last one for them. Time will tell.
I do not think that playing in God the Masters of the Universe [global power brokers] will have sufficient intelligence to realize that when they choose the path to their intended goal, there must always be near the One who will turn the road, along which they are to go.
They had believed that they could manipulate the consciousness of entire nations, forming the views of every person from the moment of birth and forcing him/her to believe in the world they invented. The only thing is that they themselves are ordinary people, as well as those on whom they carry out their experiments, and therefore are available to the One, who stood at the origins of the creation of homo sapience. It's time for them to gather stones.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-05-05 11:22 am

About the Bad and the Good (О плохом и хорошем)



It's no secret that the correctness of the decisions made by a person largely depends on the adequacy of his/her perception of the surrarounding world. The fundamentals of this perception are laid in human cosciousness during the process of education, and it is not the fact that the ideas, which dominate the minds of most people, really reflect the true state of affairs in the world of which they are a part.
It is good when the event of the external world finds its own, albeit approximate, reflection in the form of an associative image in the mind of a person. But what happens if there is no such image? In this case, consciousness gives a primary assessment of the event in terms of its consequences for the person him
- or herself. In this case, three options are possible: positive, neutral and negative.
If the first two do not require an immediate response, then the latter will definitely become an incentive to take a quick decision, because it may be about the survival of the very person. It is likely that the primary evaluation of the event may turn out to be erroneous, but God helps those who help themselves.
Do not ever give a primary evaluation of the event at the mercy of other people, because this dramatically reduces the response time, which can lead to disastrous consequences. It is better to turn to personal life experience, which may be more correct than those ideas about the event that dominate in society. The rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man's own job.
There arises the question: why, in the milieu of people like themselves, it is natural to a person to follow the "herd instinct", and not to appeal to  own assessment of what is going on, though his/her very life can depend of it? Large groups of people tend to be influenced by the individuals, who are "strong" in society by their birth or by the status, although the level of their competence is often questionable. For such "leaders", the very fact of focusing the society's attention on them, rather than how to use it intelligently, is important.
Something similar happens with representatives of the new power in Ukraine, who assumed the role of leaders, though they have no idea of how to properly and efficiently use the opportunities they received in order to organize the social and the economic life of the country. Even their own experience of coming to power during the "Orange Revolution" had nothing to teach them. They are constantly stepping ecstatically on the old rake, demonstrating complete incompetence in the matters of state building and management.
Their rhetorics are not matched by actionsbesides they are not sufficienly intelligent to attract specialists to the solution of the state matters. Appointments to responsible positions take place without regard to the level of competence of applicants, and candidates are chosen only from among their "own" milieu, which leads to the degradation of authority and its inability to realize its powers.
These are the realities of today. The only thing that the powers that be are now being concerned about is their survival, as well as formation and strengthening of their  positions in the society.
Let’s take, for example, the implementation of the recently adopted law on lustration. The authorities force the functionaries, who fall under the law, to shell out and obey to them, or voluntarily leave their posts. Most of them choose the first option. The issue of substituting the incompetent officials with the specialists is not even reviewd due to the absence of the latter. There is an opinion that the adoption of the law in its current form was done intentionally with the aim of discrediting it and abolishing it in the near future.
The situation with the conduct of antiterrorist operation in the east of the country is no better. The authorities consciously accepted the "freezingof the conflict in the interests of their own survival. The reference to the lack of funds and the military might of Russia could be appropriate in early spring of 2014, but not now, when the ATO forces defeated the enemy, and his expulsion outside the country became a matter of time, but not an opportunities.
The authorities, however, preferred to begin negotiations with the aggressor, giving
 him time to respite and restore the fighting efficiency of the troops.
The Russian army 
was stopped by the losses it suffered, but not the diplomatic efforts of president Poroshenko. Continuation of active hostilities could have led the aggressor to even greater losses and raise an issue of the causes of this state of affairs. If the Ukrainian volunteers with a two-week training exterminate the elite of Russian troops, then it should be about the real fighting capacity of the army as a whole and its readiness, if necessary, to singly resist the aggression from outside, and therefore, about Russia's national security.
Since the Ukrainian authorities are not involved in the problems 
that have emerged in the Russian army, they could not use them to strengthen their positions in the negotiation process. Russia is not in a position to continue military operations for objective reasons, but is burning with a desire to do everything to freeze the conflict, which is quite satisfactory for the Ukrainian side. This circumstance was the reason for the beginning of negotiations in Minsk.
The cowardly Ukrainian government takes credit for reaching agreements, not even suspecting that Russia was ready to agree with  the "Novorossia" project’s  liquidation and end the conflict as a whole. Much ado about nothing.
Russia was humiliated and forced to bear the burden of losses from sanctions by the United States and Europe, but did not become weak and defenseless in the eyes of the world community.
The truce in the east of Ukraine is of one-sided character intended to maintain the illusion of president Poroshenko "peacekeeping" efforts effectiveness. Terrorists prefer to conduct combat operations in order to maximize their profit and cause even greater damage to the infrastructure, civil and industrial facilities in the occupied territory, being conscious of their own hopelessness and following the principle "after us  even the deluge."
The population of areas under the control of terrorists is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The Ukrainian government is concerned about the situation only in words, but in fact is busy creating a buffer zone between government troops and terrorists in order to legitimize the loss of the occupied territories.

In this situation, Ukraine will not be able to realize its intention to join the European Union for a long time, since it will have a hotbed of tension on its territory. This is how the "European future", which the current government builds, is seen.
True, there is one circumstance that can hamper the realization of its plans: these are the  Ukrainian people, who will not allow  to be turned into obedient and wordless herd.
However much the authorities try to create the illusion of their own strength and significance in the lives of ordinary people, they will not succeed. The people have already felt their own strength and self-belief. Evidence of this was the creation of the military volunteer detachments that withstood  the main blow of the aggressor in the person of terrorists and Russian troops, as well as of the civil volunteer movement that supplies the military volonteers with everything necessary.
And what did the "legally elected" power do at that time? It betrayed and still betrays the interests of the country, in every way hindered and still hinderes the people from defending themselves, while not forgetting to plunder them.
The government does not have the resources to provide the army and 
the military volunteers in the ATO zone, but at the same time it spends huge sums for holding presidential and parliamentary elections. The authorities take loans from the IMF and receive special assistance from other countries to restore the Donbass, but these funds do not reach those to whom they are intended.
Thus, the powers that be are trying to make the country's population dependent on themselves, condemning it to poverty and 
hardships. There is every indication that a process of "reincarnation" of the power of the Party of regions and those, who created the "bandit regime" of Yanukovich in the country, is in full swing.
The predecessor of the current president was right, having predicted the revival of his regime through the coming to power of "Yushchenko-2" in the person of Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. History has a habit of repeating itself, but do the Ukrainian people want this?
And now about the good. Let's talk about what is happening behind the scenes of the theatrical action "the struggle for power" in Ukraine and is not accessible for understanding both for the majority of population that was indoctrinated by the power, and the representatives of the authorities themselves. Fortunately, everything that is happening in the country is under vigilant control from Above, because if there was no outside help, Ukraine would already have been long ago merged in the "united and indivisible".
Perhaps, many will not be flattered to hear this, but now there is conducted the Creator's "rescue operation" of people, in which they are assigned the passive role of the salvables. In the framework of this operation, there takes place a "coercion to peace" of terrorists, as well as of Russia itself.
The events of the "Arab Spring" showed that it is much more sensible and effective to 
controle people at the level of motivation. Every controlled person believes that all decisions are made by him/her personally and without any outside interference. At the same time, the actions of the teams excel at the coherence and perfection of the tasks fulfillment.
Scilicet these factors put the Egyptian special services, who were trying to find the initiators of the riotings, their command centers and the so-called "warlords", who led the protesters in Tahrir Square and the streets of Cairo, at a standstill. They couldn’t do this for one reason – they simply did not exist.
The analysts’ attempts to explain the effectiveness of the participants’ actions in revolutionary events by their using of the Internet, the social networks, the mobile phones can do little to make the situation  more clear, because they don’t answer one simple question: who initiated and directed the actions, and every day supported the people's intentions to participate in the protests?
The analysts only have stated that, compared with the youth movements of 20002005 the revolutions of the "Arab Spring" period were less organized, had neither command structures nor the pertinent training, and were much more fluid. Nevertheless, in Egypt, their amorphous unnamed coalition in 2011 overthrew the regime of Mubarak, although in 20042005 he easily defeated Kefaya, a youth organization that operated according to the templates created by the System.
For people it 
has remained a mystery, Who exactly directed the events of the "Arab Spring". As they say, it is very difficult to look for a black cat in a dark room. Especially if it's not there. To this I can only add that for people this task is simply insoluble, if the very room is missing, i.e. there are no corresponding associative connections in their minds.
As for the potential adversary, 
then only those, who are able to resist and who can interfere with the well-coordinated work of the groups of the controlled persons, are exposed to the outside influence, and the rest are suppressed at the level of motivation of their actions.
Religious, racial and national identity of the controlled persons does nor matter, as well as their occupation or level of professional training. The controlled people act much more cohesively and professionally than the military with the highest level of skill.
Hence, the ratio of losses in the case of an open military conflict differs from the historically established parameters. In Ukraine, we can observe this when volunteers with a two-week training 
manage to "close in zinc coffinsthe elite units of Russian spetsnaz”.
In order to minimize possible losses among the civiliansthey are also exposed to influence and cease to be prone to paniceven in the case of the residential buildingsartillery shelling.
The mercenaries and the military personnel of foreign states abiding in the zone of combat operations are subjected to a special kind of influence, which makes them completely lose their military qualifications and ability to act effectively. Something similar is happening to the participants of the enemy’s subversive groups. The same applies to snipers and artillerymen.
The enemy's weapons and military equipment are also expoxed to influence, which leads to their mass failure. In such a situation, any army of the world is doomed to failure.
With all the above-described the US military had to face in Libya, and now it was the turn of the Russian army to test the effectiveness of the initiated by the Creator campaign of "forcing to peace." 

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-05-02 11:18 am

Shaky Truce (Зыбкое перемирие)



Reading the articles in my journal, many believe that the information contained in them is intended to clarify the state of affairs in the country and the world, so that people make the right conclusions and react to what is happening in an adequate way. In fact, this is not so.
In reality, now there depends little from the people. They will be able to help themselves if they do not commit foolish deeds, so as not to heighten the gravity of their already difficult situation.
But calling upon the mind of the powers that be does not make sense: they talk a lot, but do not hear anyone except themselves. Today, due to a number of circumstances that are unusual for them, they are in a panic, and therefore are unable to adequately assess the situation in which they themselves and the country as a whole are.
A shaky truce in the area of military operations gave the analysts time to take a different look at the course of recent events. Much of what is happening does not find a logical explanation within the framework of the habitual ideas of a man and generates more questions than answers. Use of the standard patterns in assessing events according to which explanations are simply far-fetched in order to give them credibility, while many facts are deliberately hushed up, does not work out anymore, and as a result, in the minds of the experts there grows incomprehension, and together with it – the fear.

First of all, this concerns the voiced intentions of the Russian leadership and the attempts of their further realization. Nobody doubts that the goal of Putin and his military was and still is the annexation of Ukraine. It would seem that for its achievement, Russia has the strength and the resources with abundance, what cannot be said about the capabilities of Ukraine, which in its military and economic potential is actually much weaker than its northern neighbor and is unable to effectively resist him. In this situation, the full-scale invasion of the Russian army after the seizure of the Crimea, according to international analysts, would be a logical and optimal solution for the Kremlin.
There arises a question: why didn’t Russia annex the territory of all Ukraine? Why waste time on the incomprehensible project "Novorossia" if you have an army capable of occupying entire Europe in a matter of days? It is not worth mentioning the inadequacy of Putin and his advisers, even if their decisions seem illogical from the point of view of an outside observer.
Most likely, we are talking about insufficient awareness of the observers themselves. In this case it is enough to assume the existence of some objective reasons that influenced the decision-taking, and everything falls into place. I do not think that the Russian side has an acceptable explanation for what is happening. This is indicated by its reaction to the United States as a possible source of the problems that the Kremlin has faced and the voiced threat of using nuclear weapons against the US.
Here is a short list of the events and the phenomena that even the most informed analysts find difficult, if not impossible, to explain correctly:
- the "blinding" of the Russian satellites at the time of flight over the territory of Ukraine;
- the numerous crashes of the Proton-M rocket carriers with military satellites shortly after taking off;
- the unexplained ratio of the losses of the warring parties in the Donbass (one dozen Ukrainians, who died in battle, to one hundred exterminated Russians);
- the ineffectiveness of the use of artillery by the Russian troops (minimal losses of the Ukrainian side);
- the anomalously large, significantly exceeding the average statistical indicators number of the unexploded ordnance fired by the Russian side;
- the large percentage of refusals of Russian weapons and military equipment;
- the lack of panic and a small number of deaths among the local population of Donbass during massive artillery shelling from the Russian side;
- the inefficiency of the Russian snipers’ as well as subversive and reconnaissance groups’ work;
- the numerous unexplained cases of the terrorists’ ammunition self-detonation in the places of its storage;
- the numerous cases of mass diseases of an unknown nature among the Russian military;
- the unidentified impact, which incapacitates pilots of Russian aviation in the airspace of Ukraine;
- the numerous cases of Russian military command’s loss of control of troops in the zone of military operations in eastern Ukraine.
All of the above mentioned is of non-random character. The military command of Russia is no longer confident in the combat readiness of its army and is forced to permanently conduct exercises to verify it.

If it were not for the betrayal of the Ukrainian authorities, the fighting in the conflict zone could end in the fall of 2014 with the defeat of the Russian army and its expulsion from our country.
It is imperative for the current Ukrainian authorities that there exists a "frozen conflict" in the east of the country. It's a question of their survival. In such a way they can write off own inaction, incompetence and theft for war, while simultaneously keeping in the conflict zone the volunteers and the motivated fighters, who have justified claims to the powers that be. Peaceful agreements in Minsk serve as a cover scilicet for this kind of actions on the part of the authorities.

Restraint of Europe and the US in relation to Russia is due to their preliminary agreement, or more accurately collusion, through which the Kremlin received a "go-ahead" for the annexation of Ukraine. If Putin fails to realize his plans, it will be his problem, and the members of the "Big Seven" will be able to consider their obligations fulfilled.
Though Ukraine has remained one on one with Russia, nevertheless, the presidents of both countries did neither control the situation in the war zone in the past, nor do they control it now. Putin will not be able to win victory in this war, since in Russia there have already begun the processes aimed at overthrowing the existing regime, and his troops are doomed to extermination in case of resumption of hostilities in the conflict zone.
The Ukrainian soldiers, participating in military clashes with the enemy, are convinced that they are able to defeat it, and do not understand why the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and president Poroshenko are holding them back. Otherwise, as a betrayal, such actions cannot be called, although the authorities prefer to talk about following the peace agreements.
In his time, President Yanukovich didn’t doubt the firmness of his regime, trusting in the strength of the Russian state, but as soon as a threat to his personal security arose, he hastily left the country.
It is possible that soon such a fate awaits the current powers that be in Ukraine.
The matter is not at all in the people's readiness to overthrow the government, as the Marxism’s adherents say, but in the existence of the "circumstances of an external order" that initiated a process in which people are only a means of achieving the goal. Controlling their consciousness at the level of motivation of actions, one can create an army of the first-class soldiers, giving them experience and skill that can’t be obtained through simple education and training. Conversely, in the same way it is easy to turn soldiers of an elite “spetsnaz” into ordinary civilians, who lack any skills in handling weapons. Something similar is happening in the war zone in the east of Ukraine.
Everything in this world has its own cause and consequence. People in power, following the experience of their predecessors, believe that they will be able to realize their intentions with impunity, but this is far from being true. They choose the path, but there is the One, who turns the road, by which they have to go to the intended goal, which will make it unattainable. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light, and the persons of interest in power will discredit themselves, turning into outcasts for their yesterday's comrades-in-arms, who will remove them from the power. As a result of this "natural selection", the very few will remain in power, whose destiny is to be overthrown by new applicants for this very power.
It's high time to end with a "leapfrog", which changes the persons of interest in power, but doesn’t abolish it, as a phenomenon of social life. The process of changing people's consciousness continues, and very soon they will come to an understanding of the absurdity of the existence of an institution of power within a healthy society. It will sink into oblivion, and in its stead there will come the self-government, in which each member of the society itself seeks and realizes his/her usefulness for society. The first experience of such a search we could see on the Maidan, where it showed its effectiveness.
Not everyone understands what the power is, mistakenly referring to it those, who in fact are not the power.
It is quite enough for the functioning of the state to have an institute of public administration, which consists of specialists and ensures a normal life in the country. There is also a legislative body, which is elected by the people. It can be the parliament of the country (say, the same Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine), in which competence there is the legislation, regulating relations between people within the state.
The law enforcement agencies and the court oversee the implementation of laws, and the armed forces – protect the country.
All these institutions, with the exception of the parliament, should be completed by specialists of the appropriate profile on a competitive basis. In their activities they must rely on state (read: public) interests.
It follows herefrom that the public should monitor everything in the state and motivate its development, thereby realizing what is commonly called the powers of authority. In fact, this is the self-government, which is the optimal form of building the state.
The current "power" is a group of people, who usurped the right to rule the state, taking it from the public. People of power are parasites, who intend to live and be enriched at the expense of the state. They subordinate the people to their interests, and the state from the institution of the collective agreement of citizens, ensuring the dignified existence of all and everyone, turns into a sick organism, afflicted by corruption.
The next form of "degeneration" of power is dictatorship, in which everything is subordinated to the interests of one person. Power is a cancerous tumor on the body of the state.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-04-30 06:25 pm

The People and the Power (Народ и власть)



In society there is an opinion that the inquisitiveness of the human mind is the engine of the process of cognition. In reality, this is not the case, since the mind has become the instrument that, first of all, provided the needs of the human race for adaptation and survival, as well as its subsequent dominance in an aggressive environment.
Most people’s mind "sleeps" and is not active while its carrier is in a comfortable condition and nothing is threatening him/her. Usually a person calms down when he/she reaches the intended goal, thus eliminating the discomfort that prompted him/her to act.
The mind a priori does not see the expediency of carrying out actions beyond the framework of the survival process, and therefore the main driving force for the development of any civilization on the path of cognition is its spiritual entity that is usually called an angel. Such a spiritual entity can simultaneously be present in all members of the society of the civilization of the cognizers as the principle motivating and organizing their lives, activity and development. 
[For details about the 'cognizers' as well as the 'principle' see: In the Image and Likeness. Part1.The Beginning –]
Alas, humankind has not yet reached the level of development that is necessary for the transition to the category of the congnizers’ civilizations. It does not develop, but degrades, resembling a "squirrel in a wheel", which does not move from its place, while being in constant motion. This is how the life of humankind was organized by those who rule the world of people in order to keep them in obedience. They created and are maintaining the conditions for a competitive struggle for survival for the rest of the world's population, thereby blocking the possibility of spiritual development and positive self-realization given it by the Creator. Having usurped the right to dispose of the experience and knowledge of the once successful society of people, they doomed it to degradation and a miserable existence.
An important element that gives the controlling minority confidence in the stability of the System of power is the control over the process of formation and training of new generations of "slaves" at the level of consciousness.
What is the System? These are the people who were educated and trained by the authorities that formed their worldview and instilled in them a distorted value system. They are the System’s supporters and defenders. We do not need to go far for examples; it is enough to analyze what is happening in Putin's Russia.
True, the powers that be have one problem that is related to the nature of human as a social being. We have a need to form the society’s primary structures through communication and exchange of personal experience.
As the number of people involved in the exchange process increases, there also grows the probability of emergence of the nascent society’s experience. It contains in itself reliable information about the world around and the place of the person in it. This experience contradicts the knowledge and the ideas that a person received in the process of his/her formation and training as an element of the System, and therefore can replace them.
The authorities know about the existence of this "phenomenon" and, following the principle
“Divide and Rule”, in every way hinder the emergence of any citizens’ associations based on a community of their interests.
Periodically, in the "slaves’" milieu there accumulates a discontent with the conditions of their existence and matures a social tension, which can turn into protests and riots. Those who created the System, created also protective mechanisms that allow it to easily cope with such problems.
Since "slaves" are formed and trained by the authorities themselves, it is not difficult for them to instill in their consciousness information about possible options and ways of simulating "struggle" with the power. In real life, the power wins future battles already at a time when potential revolutionaries and troublemakers are still "hitting the books" at their school desks, because one cannot defeat the System by the methods and means it offers itself.
Perhaps now, many will understand the reason why the second Maidan brought the betrayers of the ideals of its predecessor into power. The participants of the first and the second Maidans have chosen a form of peaceful standoff with the authorities and did not take any active measures to overthrow them. That is why in 2004 and in 2014 the so-called "opposition", and, in fact, the next clone’s groupings of the same old System managed to successfully make twice the coup d’états. 
In both cases, the overthrown authorities’ teams hoped for military assistance from Russia, which never came. In 2004, the Russian ‘spetsanaz’ deployed in Kiev and its environs failed its mission, and in 2014 Russia itself refused to engage in a large-scale invasion of Ukraine and its destruction as a sovereign state, although such plans and intentions of the Russian leadership really existed. So in fact, there were not in reality both the "orange revolution" and the "revolution of dignity". The very "opposition" came up with the stories about these “revolutions”, in order to compensate for the resentment to those from whom it had stolen the power.
If in 2004 the Ukrainians swallowed beekeeper Yushchenko’s lies, in 2014 to majority of them “chocolate” from confectioner Poroshenko and his friends became a lump in the throat. It is understandable, because in the first case the authorities modestly kept silent about the prepared massacre that Yanukovych intended to organize with his Russian patrons to the participants of the Maidan, but the threat of annexation of Ukraine by Russia in 2014 could make fat point on the "new" power itself.
The power had lied; lies and will always lie, believing that its lies are the white lies. Besides, it does not stop stealing, at the same time calling on the people to fight against theft and corruption. Such is its nature. The misfortune of the current government is its weakness and the lack of a mechanism for exercising power. The elections that it has arranged since its emergence, whether presidential or elections to the Verkhovna Rada, should have delayed the moment when its incapacity becomes apparent to all.
An unpleasant surprise for the authorities, which manifested itself during the second Maidan, was the growing self-awareness of its participants. Since then, the Ukrainian people are everywhere demonstrating a conscious position in their relations with the authorities, showing intolerance to its attempts to evade responsibility.
People no longer defend the System, but oppose it. The visualization of this circumstance has become a shock to the powers that be in the whole world, and they do not have an adequate answer to the problem that has arisen. The System was not ready to be "invaded" from the outside, and what destroys it, is beyond the understanding of the people whom it serves. The inviolability of the System was based on the belief that there were no methods for "reprogramming" people formed and trained by it. What is impossible on the Earth can be realized by the forces and means of another world.
Human consciousness operates with concepts and ideas, which are stored in memory in the form of stable associative connections. Making their replacement from the "wrong" to the "right" ones, one can change the system of human ideas at the level of his/her beliefs.
Scilicet this process affects the entire population of the Earth. Ukraine has become a place where its consequences are distinctly manifested. So, the active life position and consolidation of the Ukrainians in 2014, against the background of their complete passivity in 2013, are not a consequence of Russia's aggression or propaganda activities of agitators from the "opposition".
Ukraine is no exception. A similar phenomenon of self-consciousness growth and, as a result, subsequent revolutionary activity, may well occur in Ukraine’s northern neighboring country and solve in a natural way the problem of the Donbass and the Crimea.
Authorities of the world’s leading countries carefully decide on their participation in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The reason lies in the uncertainty that arose in connection with the illogical and therefore incomprehensible decisions of the powers that be of Russia and the actions of its military against Ukraine. It becomes obvious that the events in the conflict zone are not controlled by any of the parties, and therefore there is no certainty in achieving the intentions voiced by them. Sanctions from the West are painful, but they are unable to stop the military machine of Russia, and Europe itself is not ready to conduct military operations on its own territory.
Unlike the president of Ukraine, the cautious leaders of Europe and the US do not try to ascribe to themselves actions they did not commit, and prefer to observe the developments from outside. The fuss of the Ukrainian authorities is quite understandable, as is the caution of the Russian party. The first one wants to preserve itself, even at the cost of losing part of the country's territory, while the other, knowing the incompetence of the first, is in no hurry to negotiate with it.
There remains decisive the opinion of the One who stopped the Russian army and arranged it a lot of problems. It is obvious that He doesn’t intend to enter into negotiations with the aggressor, but is ready to react instantly to his possible actions. One can as much as desired frighten the civilized world with acts of terrorism, but it is not this world that opposes Russia and decides the fate of those who usurped power in it, and are ready to plunge the country into a state of chaos and turmoil.
The Russian people, following the example of the people of Ukraine, who overthrew Yanukovich's bandit clique, will inflict a mortal blow to Putin’s regime.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-04-20 07:35 pm

Здесь и сейчас (Here and Now)


Сегодня я хочу рассказать о том, что происходит, когда человек решил обратиться за помощью к Создателю через страничку моего журнала и зашел на неё через электронное устройство, позволяющее сделать это.

Начну с того, что страничка является лишь средством, позволяющим привлечь к себе внимание Создателя в момент, когда человек смотрит на неё. Это дает возможность неограниченному числу людей одновременно общаться с Ним и получать необходимую помощь. 
Когда Вы заходите на страничку моего журнала или закреплённый твит в Твиттере (, то мысленно можете обратиться за помощью к Создателю на родном языке в любое время суток. Если обращение происходит впервые, то сначала стоит внимательно прочесть содержание заглавной статьи на одном из трёх языков, а также пройти по ссылке:, где изложена дополнительная информация.
Не стоит заходить на страничку по причине праздного любопытства и пытаться обращаться с глупыми просьбами к Создателю, так как этим Вы лишите себя шанса получить помощь от Него в дальнейшем. 
До появления возможности обращения за помощью к Создателю через страничку журнала люди могли получать её, обращаясь непосредственно ко мне, что налагало на них определённые ограничения. Им надо было просить о самом главном и важном. Чаще всего речь шла о проблемах со здоровьем. 
Некоторым просящим я давал краткую молитву, используя которую они могли обращаться непосредственно к Духу за помощью в любое время суток. Молитва помогала лишь тем, кто получил её от меня. Вероятно, этим объясняется неэффективность всех существующих ныне молитв, посредством которых люди пытаются обратиться к Создателю.
Важно правильно сформулировать свою просьбу и сообщить все необходимые уточняющие детали, если речь идёт о здоровье. Излагайте свою просьбу так, как вы обычно делаете, общаясь с лечащим врачом. 
Исцеление не может произойти моментально, и, как любой процесс, оно требует времени, продолжительность которого зависит от состояния здоровья человека и реальных возможностей его организма. 
При первом обращении Создатель оценивает эти параметры и инициирует соответствующие изменения в организме больного, начиная тем самым процесс исцеления. Получение ресурса от Создателя воспринимается человеческим организмом как улучшение его самочувствия, и может служить сигналом начала процесса исцеления. Величина ресурса, который способен удержать в себе организм, всецело зависит от степени его изношенности. Поэтому больным с серьезными диагнозами рекомендуется заходить на страничку за ним не реже одного раза в сутки, а то и чаще. 
Следует помнить, что ресурс, данный человеку на исцеление, может быть бездумно потрачен им на любую деятельность, в том числе и демонстрацию окружающим факта мнимого выздоровления, что в лучшем случае увеличит время, необходимое для исцеления, а в худшем – и вовсе прервёт его. 
Некоторые нуждающиеся в помощи люди полагают, что достаточно одного обращения к Создателю через страничку моего журнала, и процесс выздоровления пойдёт сам собой. Это заблуждение, поскольку для эффективного лечения постоянно необходим ресурс, а также коррекция процессов внутри организма со стороны Создателя в режиме реального времени. 
Не следует думать, что исцеление людей стоит на первом месте в Промысле Создателя, и Он без промедления станет спасать каждого, кто обратится к Нему. Спасение утопающих по-прежнему остается делом рук самих утопающих. Всё зависит от выбора, который сделает сам человек, а также от того, сделает ли он его вовремя.
Возможность получить помощь от Создателя напрямую зависит от решения Его Суда, который все люди проходят при каждом обращении к Нему через страничку моего журнала. Для подавляющего большинства он совершается незаметно и безо всяких последствий из ряда тех, которыми пугают людей служители культа.
Создатель не связывает Себя ни с одной из существующих в мире религий, а потому не приемлет обращений к Себе в формах, которые ими насаждаются пастве. Обращение должно быть не только уважительным, но и информативным.
О чем можно просить Создателя, кроме здоровья? Спектр просьб обширен. Приведу лишь некоторые из них.  Просят: 
– защитить от воздействия извне, дабы не поддаваться чужому влиянию и реагировать на происходящее вокруг разумом, а не эмоциями; 
– убрать зависимость от негативных факторов (курение, алкоголь, наркотики);
– восстановить жизненные силы, хорошее самочувствие и много чего другого.
Чтобы человек хорошо спал и адекватно реагировал на происходящее вокруг, достаточно попросить Создателя войти в его память и убрать все ассоциативные связи, которые были порождены проблемами по жизни и здоровью, а вместо них поместить состояние комфорта, света и тепла. Также стоит попросить ресурс для восстановления жизненных сил и здоровья.
Люди бизнеса просят о том, чтобы обстоятельства сложились в их пользу, когда речь идёт о заключении договоров и контрактов. Часто просят защитить от возможных посягательств на свою жизнь и бизнес со стороны криминалитета, а также недобросовестных конкурентов. Вот только помогаю я честным и порядочным людям и не в ущерб окружающим.
Когда речь идёт об избавлении  от разного рода зависимостей, то обращаться должен человек лично, ибо положительный результат возможен лишь при наличии доброй воли и ответственного отношения с его стороны.
Жизнь любого человека можно представить в виде последовательности случайных событий, которыми может управлять Дух по своему усмотрению. Если прибавить к этому Его способность входить в сознание людей и менять мотивацию их поступков, то открываются неограниченные возможности в вопросах изменения жизни людей к лучшему. Здесь и сейчас, а не в мире ином.


I'm here today to tell you about what happens when a person decided to seek help from the Creator through the page of my journal and went to it through the electronic device that allows doing this.
To begin with, I would like to say that the page is only a means of attracting the Creator’s attention at the moment when a person looks at it. This enables an unlimited number of people to simultaneously communicate with Him and receive the necessary help.
When you visit the page of my journal or a tweet on Twitter (, you can mentally ask the Creator for help in your native language 24 hours a day. 
If you address Him for the first time, be sure to carefully read the contents of the mentioned in the previous sentence title article in one of the three languages, and then follow the link: or, where additional information is provided.
You shouldn’t go to the page because of idle curiosity and try to handle to the Creator with stupid requests, as by doing so you deprive yourself of the chance to get help from Him in the future.
Until the possibility of seeking help from the Creator through the journal's page, people could receive it by contacting me directly, which imposed certain restrictions on them. They had to ask for the most principle and important things. Most often it was about the health problems.
To some supplicants I used to give a brief prayer, using which they could address directly to the Spirit for help at any time of the day. The prayer had been helping only those who received it from me. Probably, this explains the ineffectiveness of all existent prayers, through which people try to appeal to the Creator.
It is important to correctly formulate your request and present all the necessary clarifying details, when it comes to health. Expound your request as you usually do it when you talk to your doctor.
Healing cannot happen instantly, and like any process, it takes time, the duration of which depends on the state of human health and the real capabilities of his/her organism.
At the first appeal, the Creator evaluates these parameters and initiates appropriate changes in the patient's body, thereby starting the healing process. Getting a resource from the Creator is perceived by the human body as an improvement in his/her state of health, and can serve as a signal for the beginning of the healing process. The magnitude of the resource that the organism is able to retain depends entirely on the degree of its deterioration. Therefore, patients with serious diagnoses are advised to go for it to the page at least once a day, or even more often.
It should be remembered that the resource given to a person for healing can be thoughtlessly spent by him/her on any activity, including demonstrating to others the fact of an imaginary recovery, which at best will increase the time needed for healing, and at worst interrupt it at all.
Some people who need help believe that single address to the Creator through the page of my journal is enough and the process of recovery will go by itself. This is a misconception, since for effective treatment the resource is constantly needed, as well as correction of the processes inside the organism on the part of the Creator in real time.
You shouldn’t think that the healing of people is in the first place in the Creator's Providence, and He will immediately save anyone who turns to Him. The rescue of drowning still remains the handiwork of drowning. It all depends on the choice that the person will make, and also on whether he/she will make it on time. 
The opportunity to receive help from the Creator directly depends on the decision of the Judicum Dei, which all people go through every time they address to Him through the page of my journal. For the overwhelming majority, it is held imperceptibly and without any consequences from a number of those with which the servants of the cults are used to frighten people.
The Creator doesn’t associate Himself with any of the religions existing in the world, and therefore does not accept appeals to Him in the forms that they plant the flock. Appeal shouldn’t only be respectful, but also informative.
What can one ask the Creator for, except health? The spectrum of requests is extensive. I will give just a few of them. People ask the Creator to:
– protect them from the outside influences, so as not to succumb to someone else's influence and react to what is happening around with the mind and not the emotions;
– remove their dependence on negative factors (smoking, alcohol, drugs);
– restore their vitality, well-being and much more.
In order for a person to sleep well and react adequately to what is happening around him/her, it is enough to ask the Creator to enter his/her memory and remove all associative connections that were generated by the problems in life and health, and place instead a state of comfort, light and heat. It is also worth asking for a resource to restore vitality and health.
Business people ask that circumstances develop in their favor when it comes to concluding agreements and contracts. They often ask to protect them from possible encroachments on their lives and business by the criminals, as well as from the unscrupulous competitors. The only thing is that I help solely honest and decent people, and not at the expense of others.
When it comes to getting rid of all sorts of the dependencies, then a person should apply for it personally, because positive result is only possible if there is good will and a responsible attitude on his/her part.
The life of any person can be represented in the form of a sequence of random events, which the Spirit can control at His own discretion. If we add to this His ability to enter the consciousness of people and change the motivation of their actions, then unlimited opportunities are opened up in the issues of changing people's lives for the better. Here and now, and not in another world.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-04-16 08:34 pm

Blessed Is the One Who Doesn’t Know (Блажен тот, кто не ведает)



The process of the human’s cognition is akin to climbing a high mountain: the higher you climb, the wider the horizon broadens. What was obvious below at the foot of the mountain, loses its obviousness with the advancement upwards. Of course, there can be doubts about the authenticity of what we saw, but nobody prevents us from going down and, having gone in the right direction, to investigate the pertinent object.
An undeniable proof is the very fact of what is happening, for the Being is primary in relation to our consciousness, and the interpretation by consciousness of what is happening is secondary. If you motivate some action, and then, following the motivation, implement it, you cannot have any doubts that the action was implemented scilicet by you. When, in the result of the experiment, you get the same result three times, it is considered reliable.
Imagine that you have abilities that go beyond the usual. As an example, you can consider the ability to heal. The first thing to be determined is the correspondence of the realized action to your motivation, if such an action really occurred. Only in this case it can be said that the action that scilicet you motivated gave the expected result. In the case of an impact on the patient for the purpose of healing, it is necessary to take into account the individual nature of the response to the impact, which depends on many factors. This affects the effectiveness of the impact, but doesn't call into question its presence as such.
Ultimately, the result is important, which will attest to the positive dynamics in the patient's condition change. If you are able to repeat the like with several patients, having received a positive result, then you can be sure that it was you who contributed to the recovery of these people. Explaining the phenomenon of your abilities is the domain of science, and not in the context of the possible or the impossible, but by the fact of what has happened.
Let’s complicate the task. The patient is at a distance of more than 1000 kilometers from you, but the effectiveness of the impact motivated by you remains the same. This means that you are given the ability to control the power associated with you. In this case, the distance to the patient doesn’t matter. If this power does not give you the real protection, then I don’t envy you, because it will become a curse for you. It turns out that the power played up to you and it is it, who dominates your tandem.  The "psychics-siloviks" have found themselves in this situation. [You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the "psychics-siloviks" there: ]. 
I feel blessed as the Power associated with me follows my motivation and really protects me. In this I am constantly being convinced for a long time. The spectrum of its application is simply enormous. Together with the Power there came responsibility, as well as understanding of my own goals and objectives.
Honestly speaking, this is not luck, but the heaven-born Providence. You are what you are, and nothing else is given. The ability to heal was secondary in the context of the Providence, which does not prevent me from monitoring the health of my nearest and dearest. I manage equally effective to help the pets. I especially like dogs.
Possession of Power leaves an imprint on my life. I have to limit the circle of my communication in order to protect people from the consequences of their possible stupid acts. Ignorance of laws does not absolve from responsibility.
I'm also not deprived of the special services’ attention, whose representatives actively read this journal. I remember that someone said that it's punishable to do good on the Earth nowadays. It is not easy for them to deal with me. The snoops from the field surveillance, who do not see the sense in their work, suffer particularly, for there is no worse "client" for them, than the one who lives the unremarkable life of a common layman.
There is no more ungrateful work than convincing or proving something to people. They are divided and revel in their individualism. In such a situation it is easier to motivate them for certain actions.
There is a big difference between the ways of exercising impact between the Power that is associated with me, and the one that accompanies the psychics and the other "wonderworkers."  The first, unlike its illegal "antipode", is present in this world in its own right.  This is the Power of the Creator, and therefore it can enter the objects and subjects of this world "from inside" without causing "perturbations" and antagonism. From inside means from the world of the Creator, which permeates and connects all the existing worlds. It is thanks to the Power's ability to make such an entrance that it became possible to really heal people.
For me, the Creator has information about what a person should have been at the time of his/her conversion for healing or help, if nothing bad had happened to him/her throughout the life. This information is a kind of matrix of a person, and it is in accordance with it that healing takes place. The human organism, using the growth program by which it was formed, and the resource obtained from the Creator, recognized by it as its own, gets a chance to cope with the problem.
Does there exist a cure beyond our understanding of what is possible? Yes, it exists. Here and now. It is not offered. One is asking for it. To seek salvation is the lot of people. It was said after all: seek and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you, ask, and be rewarded to you. God helps the going...
It is not difficult to get into the consciousness of any person and change his/her motivation. How does a person make a choice in his/her consciousness? Imagine that memory is a table on which there are three identical objects. You have to choose one of them, which you will successfully do. At the same time, the selected object will be placed closer, and the others will be moved away. Actually your choice will be indicated by the location of the object, so if I put another instead of it, then you won’t notice the substitution and will consider that this is your choice. The experience and the knowledge of mankind don’t contain information that such a thing is possible. Only people, who were present at your choosing, or who knew about the choice, will be able to notice your inconsistency.
For a common layman, all of the said above can be interpreted as a fantasy, and to any of my influences there can be found an explanation from the kind of random. Blessed is the one who doesn’t know.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov 
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2017-04-15 07:49 pm

Attitude to the Unidentified (Отношение к непознанному)



Alas, a man in his/her decisions and actions does not always follow the principle of expediency. The reason for this may be his/her inadequate assessment of the situation in which he/she was at the given moment. A man is arranged in such a manner that, when confronted with the new and the unknown, he/she tries to identify it, relying on the knowledge and the ideas within the framework of the generally accepted standards, which  do not allow  to do it in a sufficiently trustworthy  way. Erroneous interpretation leads to wrong decisions.
The society reacts painfully to the manifestations of those human abilities that go beyond the "norm" inherent in the overwhelming majority. These include extrasensory influence and clairvoyance. Science in its present state is far from a correct understanding of such kind of the human nature’s "fluctuations" and prefers to interpret them from the position of principle: this cannot be, because it cannot be ever.
Such a reaction to the unidentified is contrary to the fundamental principles of cognition. The Being is primary with respect to the consciousness of man, and his/her interpretation of what is happening is secondary. True, this makes sense only if a person has a need for cognition of the world around him/her.
A man feels fear of the unidentified, which encourages him/her to seek the explanations and the interpretations that automatically transform the unidentified into the usual and the explained. Strangely enough, but the truth of the knowledge gained about the unidentified is not the main criterion for the formation of ideas about it. Most often, there dominate the views, which do not contradict the system of basic human knowledge, even if they are unreliable.
In fact, in the process of cognition, a person tends to achieve comfort, and not to establish the Verity. At the heart of the theories of social governance there lies the concept of controllability of the process of forming its members’ ideas, which is realized by means of "dosing knowledge" intended for them, and sometimes consciously introducing them into a state of delusion. Science, based on facts, is replaced by the "science of authorities", and therefore the process of cognition in the today's society is similar to "running on the spot," when "participation" is important, and not the result.
One can observe the scientifical men’s illustratory reaction at the time of real processes’ demonstration that take place before their very eyes, but come into conflict with the generally accepted ideas about what is possible. They modestly pretend that nothing happens. How can one believe then in the scientists’ inquisitiveness of the mind and the desire to know the verity?
The System determines that the one, who has more rights, is right. The stronger always blames the weaker. Disputes about the truth of knowledge and beliefs that dominate the society end with a weighty argument: "you are a dumb idiot yourself," with the subsequent defamation of those, who doubted.
Woe to the person who discovers in him- herself certain features and abilities that are not inherent in the majority. Going beyond the "norm" is fraught with consequences. Usually, such people turn into outcasts, and the science and the special services use them as "experimental rabbits".
The society, in the person of religious institutions and special services, has learned long ago how to identify such people, and without fail closely follows those who are now called psychics. These people are divided into two categories. The first includes "clairvoyants", and the second – "siloviks" [silovik – literally means strongman in English. For the purpose of the present article it means a man through whom the Power of Evil manifests itself in this world, i.e. the carrier of the said power]. 
In a man, there can be no signs of power and clairvoyance at the same time.
If in the case of clairvoyance we have a deal with the "safe" manifestation of abilities, then the "power" version is fraught with serious consequences for both the "testers" and the "test subjects". Special forces deal with the "siloviks". Their study and use are the prioritized directions in the activities of the "cloak and dagger" structures, since they allow receiving serious "bonuses" in matters of ensuring state security and countering the activities of similar organizations of other countries.
For an ordinary layman, the extrasensory abilities are associated with "clairvoyance" and no more. It is not accepted to discuss the existence of the "siloviks", as if they do not exist at all, and any person interested in this phenomenon will face the notion of "state secrets".
There are specially trained people, who seek and recognize children with spontaneous manifestations of "power" abilities. In the future, their fate is predetermined and the choice is not great: to serve the System or "go to the next world." Tertium non datur.
For such people there is a special feature in "possessing power". They cannot cause serious damage to each other, and therefore the "inexperienced" are easily forced to "collaborating." In fact, "power" is merely associated with them, and they do not have a real "possession of power." Hence their vulnerability.
During the existence of the KGB, an additional lever of coercion of the "siloviks" to obedience was their "coding", which allowed at the right time to launch in any of them the irreversible processes up to a lethal outcome. "Impact" is only an instrument, and therefore requires the ability to handle it, which was what the younger "siloviks" were trained by more experienced comrades.
Scilicet the "silovik", with competent influence on the human organism, is able to consolidate it to recovery or kill him. The effect of "suppressing" the disease is capable of staving off the destruction, but is not able to cancel it.
So "psychics-amateurs" are mistaken in their ability to heal, for they do not know the true nature of the acquired abilities. There is no gradation more or less strong "silovik", as there is only a level of "conformity to force".
"Moral" people from among the "siloviks" (if they could survive in such an environment) are less effective than "immoral" ones. The latter in their manifestation are more like "geniuses of the Evil", but such are only a few.
Having a guaranteed possibility to control the "siloviks", the intelligence agencies have faced with the problem of hitting the chosen "target". In fact, it turned out that the "power" that was associated with the "carriers" was not at all governed by them.
The impression was created that the "carriers" were only the "means" in the power’s hands. The effectiveness of their use depended on the coincidence of the intentions of the special services and the very "power". The latter clearly dominated them. So the most "ambitious" intentions of the special services remained unrealized. In the rest, their interests coincided.
Is there any possibility of counteracting to the "power"? On the part of the people – no.
It is also the truth that there exists a more powerful "antipode" that can suppress its manifestations. Based on the above "power’s" nature of action, you can safely associate it with Evil. In this case, the "antipode" is nothing else than the Power of Good.
He began to manifest Himself with the advent of a part of the Triune Entity on the Earth, whom we conditionally will call the "Shepherd". His abilities are beyond the understanding of people, but some of their manifestations are worth mentioning.
The "Shepherd" is able to enter the consciousness of any person and change the motivation of his/her actions. Contact with Him is the first phase of Justice of Heaven, which means that the expression "everyone must be ready”, has gained its relevance. I do not envy those who, through ignorance and stupidity, are trying to resist the "Shepherd". The result is sad. He is invulnerable to the power of Evil, but at the same time is able to suppress any of its manifestations.
The "Shepherd" has His own view of the future of mankind, while His intentions and actions are defined by the Providence. He does not view people as active participants in the Process, which means that they have only the role of "marginal participants". Time to throw stones has gone away. It's time to collect them.
He can save and heal many, but every man must go personally his/her way to Him. Ultimately, the salvation of the drowning remains the work of the drowning themselves. And everything happening now on the Earth is only an adequate response to the actions of those, who just recently believed that they own the world of people.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-04-13 04:15 pm

The "Inertness" of the Masses («Инертность» масс)



The System is a virtual game that was imposed upon the controlled majority by the controlling minority. The rules of this game are such that the majority will always be the loser, for it is ordered to live according to the law unlike the controlling minority, to which its action is not applied. At the same time, the ruling minority tries to convince the majority that its participation and choice in the game are the only possible form of existence within the framework of the Being.
In fact, the choice is possible outside the System, and it consists in refusing to participate in the very game. The existence of such a choice is a "sealed book", especially preserved by the ruling minority.
Recent events indicate that the controlled majority gained the "inertness" and ceased to follow the "game concept" of the System, having thus abolished the real power of the controlling minority over it. Every day of the majority’s stay in a condition of "non-participation" forms the understanding and the experience of existence outside the framework of the System. It is not worth to associate the System with the form of the human civilization’s development, since its main purpose is to organize a closed "historical cycle", when each successive generation repeats the path of the previous one, rejecting its experience. Instead of progress and development of the civilization, we have a "squirrel’s movement in the wheel," and huge potential and resources are wasted.
The media are full of analytical reviews and recommendations to the controlled majority calling for "active action" within the System, associating "non-participation" with a certain lack of will. The authors of these "opuses" resort to thundering insults, trying to provoke the majority into "revolutionary changes.".And, naturally, under the leadership of "appointees" from among the controlling minority’s milieu. In response – silence, which cannot but frighten the powers that be, because it indicates the approach of the storm. Attempts to "defuse the situation" fail.
It is naive to believe that the majority’s “inertness” and "non-participation" in the "game process" are the result of a "miraculous insight." The powers that be have achieved 100% efficiency in building the consciousness of the controlled majority, which can be proved by the centuries of its slave labor for the benefit of the powers that be.
The "inertness" of the masses and the lack of proper reaction to provocations on the part of the authorities irritate the controlling minority, but are not recognized as a threat to its existence. There are reasons for this, because the full range of possible threats has been calculated and pertinent measures have been taken to prevent them.
First of all, people are divided and there is no mutual understanding between them. Everyone sees the environment as a threat, and therefore always considers any approach to him- or herself scilicet from this position. There are imposed in the community the principles of competition, while cooperation is positioned as a manifestation of weakness and an element of mimicry.
If you want peace, prepare for war. The war seems to be the ideal solution to many problems, including the problem of "overpopulation" of the Earth.
The controlling minority strives to establish total control over the controlled majority. Education, science, social programming, control over information and media have become tools in the process of forming "homo obedientes".
Those, who believe that they are able to fight and defeat the System, are naive. When this opus takes its place on the page of my journal, its first reader will be a person from the special services, curating control over information and channels of its spreading. 
It was said that it was impossible to resist the System by the methods and means it offered.
Man is a social being and is formed up to the "state of readiness" in the process of educating and upbringing, which places into his mind a worldview system and rules for relations with the environment. The human’s cognition is of associative character, which means the use of previously acquired knowledge, concepts and images. Man seeks an analogy to the observed event or phenomenon in the annals of his/her personal as well as the social experience, possessing (in his/her opinion) the quality of reliability.
In a normal society, the experience of the society never contradicts with the personal experience of the individual, for it is formed as the quintessence of the cumulative set of experiences of the members, constituting it. In our case, the experience of the society doesn’t become the property of everyone, and is accessible only to a narrow circle of people, who usurped the right to dispose of it at their discretion. In return, each is given a certain part of the "social experience", which is not reliable, because it serves to form ideas about the surrounding world in a form that is convenient for realizing the goals and the objectives of the controlling minority. On the basis of lies, there are formed the conceptual ideas of all members of the community, which is patronized by the System. Credible knowledge is available only to a narrow circle of persons, who stand above the controlling minority.
The authorities in every way prevent the formation of communities in the controlled majority, since any of them can become the center of the formation of public experience, uncontrolled by the power. This is a natural property of the unification of social beings, for the formation of a society is a condition for their survival.
The only "territory" beyond the control of the controlling minority is the consciousness of the individual and his/her ability to make decisions based on personal experience. Scilicet personal experience confronts the virtual ideas that the controlling minority imposes on a person. By definition, it is reliable, because it is formed by the very person on the basis of contacts with the environment. The powers that be are trying to isolate and obstruct everyone who wants to spread their personal experience in the form of knowledge accessible to all.
It's hard to believe that the powers that be would allow "dissent" in the controlled majority, without the possibility to control and direct it. An interesting observation is noticeable in analyzing how and by whom the revolutionary moods have been directed and formed in the recent past. All the "initiators" and "inspirers" were from among the controlling minority, and it was they who organized and conducted the revolutions. The controlled majority was given the role of a "cannon fodder", which was subjected to extermination.
Behind all the revolutions there stood the System. Thus, it was a way of conducting a "removal of tension" in the milieu of the dissatisfied from among the controlled majority. Something similar the powers that be intend to carry out in Ukraine. Social tension is growing day by day, and traditional methods for "releasing steam" do not work. Nerves are on the limit, but there are no constructive solutions. The powers that be have a feeling that they are sitting on a barrel of gunpowder, which is about to explode, but they don’t know how, where and in what way the "undermining" will happen.
Lessons of the "Arab Spring" did not go into use. Those, who created the illusion, have become themselves its victim. It is difficult to accept the concept of a world in which you are neither God, nor a tsar, nor a hero, but one should do it, for the Being is primary in relation to the consciousness of man. The powers that be are used to govern and command others, while remaining ordinary people.
Attempts to establish "self-government" in the herd of sheep is nothing compared to the possibilities of the Shepherd. Is it any wonder that He has the ability to control each and all at the same time. The concept of His control doesn’t contain the motivation of "donnybrook within the herd", which does not relieve one of the personal responsibility for what was done in the absence of the Shepherd.
He doesn’t pursue the goal of publicity of punishment, and therefore, will not do this as edification to others, for such is the lot of the weak. There will not be "more equal" among equals. Things will be back just the way they were. There is no need to use power where cooperation dominates in the name of achieving common goals. It is time for mankind to return to the natural path of development and to acquire the qualities of a full-fledged society, and with them – the future.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-04-11 05:31 pm

"Unscientific" Take On a Question of Healing

"Ненаучный" взгляд на вопрос исцеления



The human body is a mechanism of immense complexity in action. Conditionally it can be divided into two parts: the controlling and the executive ones.
The controlling part is an analogue of a powerful operating system that in real time initiates, synchronizes and controls the passage of the mass of all possible kinds of life support processes and the functioning of the human organism as a whole. The executive part is a means of realizing the motivations of the controlling part.
Generally, the operating system has multi-level access to its resources, and of them the most complete one belongs to the administrator. The very person has only a user access level that allows the organism to function without failures in the offline mode, and all life support programs work imperceptibly for him/her at the deep-laid level of the subconscious. In case of the body’s damage, the immune system provides an adequate response of the organism to the effects of the external world, adapting its functioning to the changing environmental conditions.
A number of autonomous programs provide a routine process of supporting life activity, while others are always ready to cope with a concrete worst-case situation. 
Man is able to cope with the disease due to the innate ability of his organism to heal, and medicine can only help him in this. Alas, only the user's level is accessible to medicine, which greatly reduces its capabilities.
Nevertheless, providing the necessary conditions for the organism in the process of its struggle for survival, medicine has allowed to significantly reduce the mortality rate, and this alone justifies its existence.
Unfortunately, medicine, as well as a science at large, has become a hierarchical system of the "authorities’" dominance, and there is no the issue of finding the truth on its agenda. 
So, is it possible to get an access of administrator to the human operating system without the threat of its destruction? The means of our world do not provide for such a possibility, but from the Creator's world such an access is quite feasible. Though, the access alone is not enough. Each person has an individual energy resource, which is replenished by his/her organism in the process of life. Often, a shortage of resources causes the organism's inability to recover.
The Creator possesses a universal resource, which is recognized by any living organism as an individual, inherent only to it. By giving the patient a similar resource, we dramatically increase his/her chances for recovery. The only thing is that the request for help should be timely. Often the patient's organism is destroyed so much that it’s not possible to return it to a full-fledged life.
Access to the human operating system makes it possible to initiate the launch of programs that function only at the stage of its formation and could be launched once in the womb of the mother. Such programs exist for each organ and for the organism as a whole. Among other things, there are "service" programs for regular partial recovery and renewal, which provide healing of wounds, etc.
A common tumor is the result of a program malfunction or a fluctuation in the organism. The answer to the question as to whether it will be identified as malignant or benign depends on the reaction of the operating system. An important factor is the presence of a pain reaction in the altered tissues of the tumor. If it is felt, then the mechanism of rejection is triggered. In this case, the organism blocks the tumor as a foreign body that threatens its existence.­
The first step in the process of healing will be the elimination of the reaction of rejection, and with it the inflammatory process in the zone of the neoplasm will also go away. The blockage is removed, and the tumor is included in the overall transport system of the body, which makes it possible to use it as a "storehouse of useful substances," and the organism gradually destroys it. In order to avoid a possible recurrence, the Creator makes changes in the program code of cells prone to mutations of this kind.
There is another mechanism that allows the human operating system to gain a clear idea of the state to which the affected organ should be returned in the process of healing. This is the so-called "renewed matrix of the organism." It carries information about what the human organism should be at the given moment, if it had developed under ideal conditions. Such a matrix can only be obtained from the Creator's world.
For example, woman over the age of 70 suffers from a hip joint lesion and an inflammatory process. Indications for treatment by the results of the examination: replacement of the joint by conducting an operative intervention. Previously, she underwent a similar operation, but on the other joint. In this case, the healing began with the elimination of the inflammatory process in the joint itself and the tissues surrounding it.
Further, the Creator introduced the exoskeleton system, formed by the means of His world, into the affected joint. It allowed minimizing the load on the joint and correctly forming the spatial arrangement of bones in the joint.
The next stage was the start of the processes of regeneration and restoration of tissues in the joint, as well as around it. As a result, there was ensured a complete restoration of the joint and its functionality. This kind of healing had been happening to real people, and is happening now. For them, the result is important, and not someone's "competent opinion" on the fact of what happened.
The ability to influence processes inside a person, through access to his/her operating system, is also an ideal weapon. Once, gentlemen the "spooks", being in a dejected state because of the terrorists’ hostage-taking (“Nord-Ost”, Moscow/ Dubrovka), addressed me through an intermediary asking whether it was possible to neutralize the "shotfirers" with shahid's belts if they were placed among hostages. Naturally, the hostages should not have suffered. Frankly speaking, the task is impossible to accomplish with the means available to the "spooks". But with the means of the Creator's world this can be done. If a person’s heart is stopped, then no muscle reactions will occur. In our case, this means that a spontaneous explosion is impossible.
So it happened. In the time interval between 02:00 and 03:00 a.m. the hearts of all the terrorists who had the shahids’ belts were stopped. In the morning, at the time of beginning of the storming, their bodies had already been for several hours in a state of rigor mortis, which was confirmed by the absence of blood flow after the "control" shots sent to their heads by the Special Forces soldiers.
The insoluble problem was solved. True, gentlemen the "spooks" still prefer to remain modestly silent about this.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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2017-04-10 07:38 pm

To the Readers of My Journal (Читателям моего журнала)



In my childhood, I believed that my perception of the world fully corresponds to my peers’ perception of it, so I did not particularly bother myself with an analysis of their actions. In the course of time, when I was in secondary school, I realized that together with my peers I was a participant in the process of upbringing and forming of a Soviet man.
The individuality of perception and the freedom of thought were suppressed, and doubts about the correctness of what was happening were barred at the very embryo. Of us, there were "molded" the future builders of communism, ready at the call of the party to give, if necessary, their lives for the ideals of a "bright future."
I obviously did not fit into the image by which resemblance my teachers and mentors tried to shape me, so they simply gave up, believing that grave or competent authorities will fix the humpbacked." The main lesson I learned for a long time: be like everyone else, in order to be able to survive.  
During my studies at the university, I came to understand what differentiated me from the other students. It turns out that since my childhood, not only teachers and mentors took care about me, but also the One who opened to my consciousness an access to the source of true knowledge. Scilicet this knowledge formed my ideas about the world around me and convincingly rejected as inconclusive the knowledge offered by the System.
The other students had nothing to choose from. In fact, each of them had been formed as a copy of one and the same book, but with an individual cover. It is for this reason that I see no point in engaging in polemical arguments with people, since they uphold the beliefs formed in them by the System, but at the same time perceive them as their own.
This state of affairs condemned me to loneliness. What is the use of knowledge that you cannot use, let alone pass on to the others?
The only thing was that my perception of the situation was wrong. The One who gave me the true knowledge and ideas about the world around me, also took care that my consciousness could initiate and control the forces and the means of His world that pervades all the worlds in the Universe in order to be able to correct the flaws in the world of people. With such opportunities there came the responsibility for their application.
It is foolish to try to change the world, eliminating the consequences and not affecting the causes that generate them. Herefrom originates the Creator’s program of changing people's consciousness. The meaning is simple: by the means of His world, it is possible to enter into the memory of any person "from inside". At the same time, the Creator is replacing the associative links stored in the memory that are defining the system of knowledge and beliefs of a person, his/her ideas about objective reality to those that will enable him/her to adequately perceive the surrounding world and answer its challenges. At that the freedom of choice for a person is preserved.
As a result, people not only begin to look at the world in a different way, but also change their attitude towards one’s like that was clearly manifested during the events in Kiev on the Maidan. There was created a new community based on mutual trust and cooperation, which can be considered a forerunner of the restoration of the people’s society on the Earth. People demonstrated an amazing capacity for self-organization in the matters of self-government.
Contrary to the efforts of the System, which managers, in an attempt to change everything back, cunningly seized power from the protesters, the organizers and the leaders of the Maidan made a statement that the current government was unable to respond adequately to threats from outside and was not ready to implement reforms inside the country, as the events in the Crimea had proved.
There is a threat of restoration of the corrupt government of the previous model, and with it both Russia’s possible annexation of the entire South-East of Ukraine. For this reason, the requirements for convening the National Assembly and resetting the entire system of power based on self-government, self-organization and self-defense were voiced (the full text in Ukrainian is here:
It should not be forgotten that the process of changing consciousness has affected not only the population of Ukraine, but also of Russia, as well as other countries of the world. It is global in nature. Frankly speaking, this doesn’t mean that the events taking place in Ukraine will be repeated in the same scenario in other countries. Apparently, it is expected that in Russia there will be implemented a version of the control of people by the type of the "Arab Spring" events, when each person will be targeted to perform specific actions and tasks to overthrow the regime.
So, Putin will have to fight with his people, most of whom still support him. The Russian army will not resist, and will go over to the side of the insurgents, while the uniformed services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and  the FSB [Federal Security Servicewill be suppressed by the Creator himself.
In order not to tempt the surrounding countries with the desire to annex a part of Russia, for the time of events necessary to overthrow the regime, intervention from outside will become impossible.
Many of those who regularly read articles in my journal, probably could notice an interesting feature that is observed when they are read. A person's consciousness collides with the so-called "multilevel embedding of information", when each subsequent reading of the text expands the boundaries of understanding the material outlined in the article.
As far as the amateurs of "trolling" and those, who try to insult or be rude in social networks are being concerned, that's a separate topic. Since my journal is closed for comments, I do not have such a problem, but I visit other journals, and therefore I have to react to such facts.
For me incognito of a person hiding under the "nickname" doesn’t exist a priori. It is not difficult for me in a couple of minutes to find and punish the guilty, even if he/she is thousands of miles away.
So do not try fate. This also applies to the representatives of the special services, a lot of whom are now present on the Web. Orders of the superiors should be executed, but one’s own shirt is closer to the body.
Andfinallyabout the question of healingCompetent people know that in recent years I helped many patients to get rid of deadly diagnoses, including oncology. Whether I help a person or not, depends on him/her.
People ask for healing and wait humbly. I can pass by the dying person and do nothing to help him/her just because he/she didn’t ask me about it. I do not violate aperson's right to choose.
At one time it was said: "I will come unexpectedly, and everyone should be ready." So the willingness to communicate with the Creator is the problem of the very person.
Only the direct appeal of the person, who needs help, is considered, and not the request of the "sympathizers" who want to help their neighbor, whose problems they learned from the media or the Internet. Do not send me links to pages of those needing help and appeal to compassion. It is impossible to help a person without his/her knowledge and conscious choice.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov